The Greenside – Nike Method Core Drone, Ping Sydney & More on Belly Putters

The Greenside is back with an all new episode this month as we talk about everything short game relevant. This show is a collaboration between The Hackers Paradise & Putterzone and this episode is full of great information.

This Episode Features:
More Belly Putter Talk
Nike Method Core Drone
Ping Sydney
Forward Press
And so much more

Join us for this episode of The Greenside and let us know your thoughts. You can listen by clicking play right below, or download the episode for future play.

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  • Wow, lots of topics covered in this episode!

    Belly putters – love the discussion about this! All this talk has me really wanting to “roll the dice” and see if it would make me a better putter. Thanks for bringing the Almost Belly back up – that seems to be a great option and Sean also seems to agree. Really like the concept of using the putter differently depending on length.

    Ping Syndey – really like the idea behind the head weighting and how it helps to eliminate the side to side swaying through the stroke. That is something I battle often.

    Interesting to hear the info on Michael Breed,his book and the forward press; was not what I was expecting to hear.

    Thanks to Sean and THP – another great and very informative show!! Now off to do some putter pondering. 😀

  • Great show, the almost belly or as I will call it thealmostchunky putter sounds interesting. I’m also a big fan of the forward press do M Breed’s book should be a ggod read.

  • Always love The Greenside! Great show as always, guys. You really covered a wide swath of stuff this time. While I’m not a belly putter kind of guy, it sounds like Cleveland is bringing the thunder!

    Is Michael Breed’s book written in all caps? Dude is loud, but I think he’s great!

  • Thanks for the show guys. The forward press conversation is very interesting and sounds like a good read. I like the idea of the forward press to start the stroke.

  • Great show guy’s, always a treat to hear JB and Sean discuss the latest on putters. I had to laugh at the visual from JB of the metal detector, hit the nail with that one. This entire section of the forward press raised more questions than answers for me. What putter face loft is ideal for the average forward press? Also, would not a forward press change your angle of approach? I know all this depends on the individual stroke and how much they press, but seem’s like they are simply adding more variables.

    Loved the show guy’s, can’t wait for the next one.

  • Hi, Due, good points about the forward press. The ideal putter loft for the forward press all depends on what degree of negative loft you’re trying to achieve, and the degree to which you are comfortable pressing.

    Michael Breed says he likes 2 degrees of putter loft because he employs 5 degrees of forward shaft lean (forward press), which results in his target of -3 degrees of effective loft. I was told by TaylorMade that Stockton has 5 degrees of putter loft, but presses 7 degrees forward, for an effective loft of -2 degrees.

  • Thanks for the info Sean. I used a forward press for years, but switched with my newest SeeMore. It sounds difficult, at best, for the average Joe to do enough experimenting to put together the right press and loft to go along with the variety of inserts, milling, etc thats out there.

  • Another great show guys. I wasn’t so crazy about the Drone nor the Sydney at first but hearing you talk so positively about them both has me intrigued for sure. I’ve dabbled in forward pressing my putting stroke but never really had much consistency with it so I stopped. My own personal thought is forward press or not it’s all about having a repeating stroke and practice. Thanks for the great show!

  • Great show guys. It’s been interesting to see the development of putter over the last few years. The “standard” blade seems to be going the way of the dinosaur. Interesting designs seem to be the way of the future. Very interesting to hear about the sales of belly putters. I don’t see myself changing for one any time soon though. I’ve never been able to put a good enough stroke on one. Perhaps with some practice, but that would mean buying a new putter and my Ghost is still working just fine. If it ain’t broke….

    Excellent show as always. I look forward to next month’s.

  • You know what I love about this show, opening a new browser window and looking at pictures of the putters as you talk about them. It really cemented the ramp idea on the Ping Sydney and how that putter has a non-milled, no insert face. As well as how the Drone is a look-cousin – and the total silence when trying to describe the sound of the Drone was pretty classic. It was nice reviewing the Almost Belly putter thread as you guys talked as well.

    I’m also seriously considering the Backstryke (ok, I just need to OEMit) and the book discussion really solidifies my thoughts. Those putters felt so good and I was pre-set into the position. Although, I definitely need to check out the Sydney and Drone before I decide.

    Thanks for another informative and entertaining show!

  • Thoroughly enjoyable episode.

  • Love the discussion on the Belly Putter. I have been having mixed success (more good than bad) with the conversion kit and will be getting a true belly putter next season. The Almost Belly Putter could actually work as a true belly putter for me, as I need one to be about 40 inches to work bell for me. This will be one I will be looking at.

    The Ping Sydney has a Spider look to it but would take some time to get used to the look. I don’t hate it, but I’m not used to that big of a putter head.

    I kind of like the Nike Method Core Drone’s looks, do this and the Sydney come in a center shaft model? It does have a different sound, I remember the sound from the video posted in the forum.

    I have tried the Forward Press but never stuck with it.

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