The Greenside – Putter Perfection, SeeMore One CS & More

The Greenside is back with an all new episode this month as we talk about everything short game relevant. This show is a collaboration between The Hackers Paradise & Putterzone and this episode is full of great information.

This Episode Features:
What is Putter Perfection
Never Compromise Gets Their First Win
SeeMore One CS
Discussion of what is in Sean’s Bag
And so much more

Join us for this episode of The Greenside and let us know your thoughts. You can listen by clicking play right below, or download our episodes at Itunes or under THP Radio.

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  • Another outstanding show!! That SeeMore One CS is gorgeous – really like it.

    Sean’s book sounds like a good read….may need to get the wife to download it to her Kindle for me. Glad to see Pat O’Brien’s involvement in that also as I have become a follower of his teachings.

    SWEET hearing a little pitch about the THP SeeMore testers (that’s me!!!). Still a work in progress but good strides made this week.

    Belly putter talk again! 🙂

  • Really great show guys! A big congrats to Sean on the achievement of authoring a book. Nice to have a plug for the SeeMore testers and it’s always nice to hear some forged talk!

  • “Learn, apply, and improve.” Great simple statement. Also, very cool for JB to mention us SeeMore testers and say how awesome the feedback has been. SeeMore rocks!!

  • another great show!! love listening to these!! ill have to check the book out!! thanks JB and PZ for another awesome show!! look forward to many more!

  • excellent show! I cant wait to read the book. I also cant wait to buy a seemore to add to my small putter collection. The testers have done an excellent job. I LOL’d at the small talk about forged everything and buttery soft

  • Great show! I am going to have to see about downloading his book to my kindle.

  • Enjoyed the show as always. I’m going to have to check out Sean’s book. I predict his next one will be about the awesomeness of the belly putter 😉 Thanks for the shout out by the way hehe.

  • Loved the show.. Liked the personal touch about your Dad…. Looked at the book on Amazon But prefer to wait for THP store…..

  • Appreciate the kind feedback. I know what JB is going to get me for Christmas: a big ol’ long putter. Will have copies of the book for the THP store very soon.

  • Great episode, Will be buying the book when it hits the store

  • Listening to the show right now and about done, loving it. Can’t wait for the book Sean, glad to hear it will be on the THP store. Great ref with your dad JB, without THP I would have no idea about such things as loft, lie, length.

    ne complaint on the show though, I really didn’t need the visual forever planted in my head of Sean in pink short/shorts with a long putter in hand, lol. Sorry buddy, but you and Poults now hold a special place in my mind, hehe

  • That sounds like an interesting book. You guys are right that while putter fitting is all around now, not much is explained about it. I know I recently purchased a putter and they bent the toe down 1*. I’m sure it was needed, and I have a vague understanding of why it was needed. But it certainly was not explained to me by the store.

  • So true, McRock. The options are growing, but the explanations of the options are lagging. Good thing we have a community like THP where we can go to find answers!

  • Congrats on the book Sean. You guys really work well together. I obviously loved the SeeMore discussion. JB,one of these days you will just stick with the SeeMore, you always seem to come back to it! haha Unfortunately (or, fortunately, however you may look at it) with testing, you don’t have the luxury of sticking with it.

  • ANy idea when the book will be hitting the store?and will it be autographed?

  • Great show JB and Sean, Congrats on the book as well, i will def have to pick up the book very soon. Loved the forged talk lol, that laptop and cell phone is pure butter, again great show, i really enjoyed it

  • All i heard has been ‘She’s blowing me’

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