The Journey to Improve – I Need New Clubs!

Can you imagine the insecurity you’d feel if you were a golf club? One day you’re riding high and two weeks later somebody is slamming you into his golf bag while calling you words that you didn’t know existed.

There’s a problem with my driver. For the last few rounds it just hasn’t wanted to hit the ball straight. The weird thing is that it was just fine a while ago. In fact, I had a stretch of rounds where it kept me in the fairway over 60 percent of the time! Now I’m having trouble keeping it on the driving range, which is easily 200 yards wide. Obviously, there is a problem here and I’m about to do something about it.
Sound familiar? Yea, I know it does. It also sounds sort of stupid. Don’t take that wrong, I’ve done it too. In fact, I’m pretty sure I just did it this morning. The lure of new clubs is almost impossible to ignore at times. That’s especially true after a few bad rounds, but is the equipment really the problem?

Interestingly enough, there’s not a really definitive answer to the question. On one hand, bad swings tend to produce bad golf shots and there isn’t a club that can change that. On the other hand, some swings can benefit from certain equipment. I certainly wouldn’t hit a low launching driver with an extra stiff shaft as well as I hit the one I’m swinging today. Then again, maybe I would. I bet I could even find a guy on the internet to tell me I would.

Finding equipment to compliment our strengths and minimize our weaknesses is something that could benefit all of us. Even better, there is a slew of professionals out there that are well trained to help us find that equipment. A big part of me thinks that sticking with that equipment through the rough patches is probably more beneficial in the long run than charging to eBay after a couple bad rounds. I’d even go as far to say that those couple bad rounds might be more deserving of a trip to your local PGA professional than one to the pro shop. If those PGA professionals could just find a way to be a little shinier and aerodynamic they may actually stand a chance one day. There is no place for logic in the mind of a guy that just shot a 97.

The cards are just stacked against us. We want results and we want them quickly. When you combine that desire with some extremely effective marketing you can suddenly find yourself heading off on yet another honeymoon.

Speaking of the honeymoon, what a great time that is. It starts on the range with a few good shots that just make you feel invincible. Those good shots are followed by some magical rounds where everything that shiny new club does puts a smile on your face. These are the moments that we remember and cherish. Who am I kidding? That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Those memories are gone after three bad rounds. All of sudden that beautiful club has a sound you didn’t like much to begin with and you find yourself trying to find out how much you can unload it for. Loyalty to our equipment is not always a trait we hackers have.

You’d think that since I wrote this I’d be a bit stronger than I really am. Sadly, I spent a couple hours reading reviews on a driver and some irons today. I can’t help but wonder if they’ll be the ticket to get me to that next milestone. I’ve been giving my driver the cold shoulder for a few weeks and I hope it realizes just how quickly I act when I’m desperate. Thanks for reading today. I wish you, and your clubs, the best of luck out there.

Ryan H.

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Ryan Hawk
Editor and writer Ryan Hawk lives in northwestern Illinois with his fiance and son. He's been a writer for The Hackers Paradise for two years and has been involved with a number of THP events.
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