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Back in February, I got a message from GolferGal. Knowing that I have two young daughters, she asked if I was interested in reviewing the products of a company called The Littlest Golfer. When I got home, I showed my girls (8 and 4-years old) the website and asked if they were interested in trying out some of the clothing they saw. Needless to say they were VERY excited at the opportunity.

A few days later, a box arrived packed with goodies. In addition to the three items each girl picked, the nice people at The Littlest Golfer included a couple hats for the girls as well as some stickers. It was like Christmas morning when the girls broke into the box (a few unboxing pics and early impressions).

We’ve finally had a few warm days up north so they’ve been able to wear everything a few times. As kids will do, they really put the clothes through the ringer. Here are my families overall thoughts, followed by pictures of each item at the end:

As soon as we unboxed the clothes, I could tell they were of the highest quality. I could not tell any quality difference between these kids clothes and some of the higher end golf clothes I own.

The one thing that struck me immediately was the extremely high quality of the embroidery. It’s as good as I’ve seen on any adult clothing, being extremely crisp, bright, and tightly stitched.

After repeated washings, we haven’t seen any issues at all with the clothing. All seams are still perfect, there has been no color fading whatsoever, and that embroidery looks like it did the day it arrived.

My wife pointed out that the fact that the pleats on the pink “Sandy” Golf Polo Dress stayed pleated and still looked good after four washings was an unexpected surprise. My 4-year old put that dress to the test … spilling ketchup, mustard, chocolate and numerous other food items on it. The dress came clean every time, something my wife (the laundry specialist) points out only happens with quality clothing. Who knew?

Kids will NOT where clothing they don’t like or is uncomfortable. Those of you with kids know exactly what I’m talking about. Well, my girls asked repeatedly if they could wear their clothes from The Littlest Golfer from the day they received it (which was made difficult by some serious cold weather around here). The fact that they like the way ALL the clothing fits is a good indicator, to me, that the materials they used are top quality.

We just got back from a short family trip to DC and warm temperatures there gave us the opportunity to bring some of the outfits from The Littlest Golfer. On Friday it was 86 degrees and sunny, so it seemed like a good opportunity for my 8-year old to wear the TLG Performance Dress (purple dress), made from the same performance wicking material my performance golf shirts are made from. When I asked her how the dress felt in the heat, she said “It’s great! It feels like I’m not wearing anything!” After we giggled a bit about that comment, she said it felt very lightweight and felt better than what she wore walking around in the heat the previous two days.

Alright, this is admittedly not my area. While I’m not exactly an “E! Fashion Emergency”, I’m no JB either. And, if Ricky Fowler wearing orange everything at Harbor Town was a good look, then my opinion means very little here. That said, the girls got positive comments from both other students and teachers while wearing their Littlest Golfer clothes.

Our only negative, and it’s minor, is that the backpack storage is very minimal. Then again, how much does a 2-4 year old need to carry around. And it is extremely cute!

I’ll let you make your own determination from the pictures below and the Littlest Golfer website, but we thought the clothes were cute, but still classy and modern looking.

TLG Performance Dress

Click on images for larger picture.

TLG Performance Shirt

TLG Windshirt

“Sandy” Polo Dress

“Sandy” Backpack

Fleece Vest

In Conclusion
My family would like to thank THP and folks at The Littlest Golfer for the opportunity to review their merchandise. It was a fun little project and the girls really loved the chance to play fashion model for a day. I can’t say enough good things about the quality of the merchandise we were able to review. I would highly recommend their products to those of you with little golfers of your own at home. Check out The Littlest Golfer website, as we only reviewed a few items from their line.

By Special Guest Writer/THP Forum Member


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