The Morgan Cup Broadcast

With so much buzz surrounding this first of its kind event, THP wanted to tell everybody what they can expect to see starting Friday. The Morgan Cup is set to begin and with that comes all weekend coverage of golf shots, interviews and media day. For those that are not familiar with this unique weekend of golf, click here to find out what the incredible details.

Friday Coverage

Friday morning, our video link will be available to be seen on the home page. It will be a link at the top of this page and you will click it to open up a new window that will have the coverage. Being that Friday is not part of actual play, you will see real behind the scenes raw footage of what is going on, streaming live right from Reunion Resort. This will be running from a separate camera and if it happens there, you will see it. You will see both behind the scenes footage of the 10 or so interviews/promos that each golfer will be doing as well as the guys chatting with the camera during their down time and discussing everything that is going on around them. You will see the guys speaking with their media relations representative from either Callaway or TaylorMade and work on their promos. You will see the good and bad takes as well as their nerves and happiness come out. While the footage will be raw and not quite the same as what you will get on the weekend, it will give you a good introduction to those in the Morgan Cup and what you can expect to see come Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday & Sunday Coverage
Saturday morning starting at 10am EST, you will be able to start viewing the golf from the course. The same link that took you to the raw video feed of media day will take you to our “game play” channel and there will be everything from introductions and interviews to shots from the golf course and celebrations. THP will have staff around the course to pick up crucial shots as well as interviewing participants before and after golf shots. The player will restart from the beginning whenever you click the banner, so if you are running late, that is okay. There are also skip ahead functions to keep you from seeing the same thing replayed and to get to where you left off. You will be part of the action and you control what you want to see.

One of the things that people have been requesting since the beginning was a scoreboard so that they could not only follow the overall score, but their favorite golfers that are participating as well. Directly on the home page of THP, will be a scoreboard that will be updated at the completion of each hole. If for some reason you are not able to follow along with video, you can make sure and catch the score so you know whether Team Hackers or Team Paradise is controlling the matches in the first ever Morgan Cup.

Online Participation
Each day there will be a new thread on the THP forum where people can discuss what they are watching and the goings on in their favorite matches. Trash talk, banter, and everything in between is all not only allowed but expected.

We will see you there!

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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