The Morgan Cup Trophy Ceremony

Over the past weekend, the first ever Morgan Cup was held and Team Paradise was crowned as champions.  It was a grueling two days of battle on the golf course and the victory was indeed sweet for those able to hold the trophy up high.  Much like the entire event, the ceremony was caught on video and the celebration and speeches were indeed part of the unique occasion that these 16 individuals were part of.

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  • This was so fun I’m sad it’s over. Congrats to John and his team. Even more importantly thank you to everyone who made this happen!

  • Very, very awesome job everyone. Congrats to Team Paradise and a big thank you to everyone who helped out to make this possible.

  • Very nice video! Hats off to everyone that had a hand in making this all happen. I can’t imagine how big of a undertaking this all was for JB & GG. They took an idea and made it happen.

    Congratulations to everyone involved for making the Morgan Cup a success!

  • hard to believe this is all over with. It was a blast. Thank you everyone who made it happen from Callaway, Taylormade, THP, and all the volunteers that showed up over the weekend.

  • Super Video!!! Congrats to Team Paradise on a great win. Its pretty easy to tell that everyone had a great time and the true spirit of this competetion is alive and well.

  • Awesome job by everyone involved – from JB & GG to the players and volunteers. It was fun watching everything leading up to the event and then the event itself.

  • Awesome Video!! Great job everyone!! JB, GG & all of the volunteers great job making an unbelievable weekend for everyone from the players to those of us watching and following online!!

  • Great video – felt like I was there!!

  • Great video! Well done guys and congrats to Team Paradise on a tough victory

  • Great Video, thanks to everybody that made it possible

  • Great vid !
    Way to go Team Paradise and congrats to Team Hackers for putting up a good fight.
    An event that still amazes me.
    JB…GG and all the volunteers…Job well done !

  • Incredible memories built here! Great job JB & GG, all the volunteers, Callaway & TaylorMade Golf and Reunion Resort!!!! Morgan Cup I = Awesome!

  • Every great event has a start and a finish, this is a great closing to the first Morgan Cup. Great Vision JB and GG. Great playng fellas and great sponsors in TaylorMade and Callaway.

  • Absolutely AWESOME! Congrats Team Paradise! Team Hackers, I still got much love for you how grinded and never gave in! Well played matches by all and I’m sure an absolutely unforgettable experience.

    Congrats THP!

    Thanks Callaway and TaylorMade for helping Josh and Morgan’s incredible idea become a HUGE real event.

  • Fun video! Congrats again to all who were involved in this!

  • Great video. I actually caught myself wanting to clap, lol.

  • Great video, still can’t believe I was a part of this. Thank you again to THP, Reunion Resort, TaylorMade, and Callaway for a weekend that 16 guys will never ever forget.

  • Awesome guys! Congrats to all of the competitors!

  • Awesome video, watching all of it makes me want to get back to Orlando with all of the guys and do this again, still can’t believe the weekend actually happened, it was that much fun.

  • pretty awesome weekend!!!

  • Very impressive event, planning and results. It takes a lot of desire and heart to pull off something like this, not to mention volunteers and supporters.

  • Fantastic event and I have loved following along.

  • What an amazing weekend and this was just the dessert. JB and GG you pulled off the impossible and brought us along for the ride. Eternally grateful.

  • Great video. I really hope I can be a part of it next year, but i’m sure every other THPer is thinking the same thing!

  • Great video and Congrats Paradise!

  • There are not enough words to describe this event to even come close to getting it right. Amazing, outstanding, awesome, unbelievable, all of them come to mind but they don’t even scratch the surface. I’m never going to forget this experience as long as I live, thanks to THP, Callaway Golf, TaylorMade Golf and Reunion Resort. Also thanks to the volunteers, you guys were great!

  • Man what an awesome time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so much fun. Agree with the ninja, so sad this is over.

  • Just had an opportunity to watch this presentation, so proud of both teams. Congratulations to both on playing well in this great event, and a special congratulations to Team Paradise for the win. Thank you TaylorMade, Callaway, JB & GG, and to all of the volunteers & staff at Reunion Resort for making this unprecedented event happen. Awesome!!!!!

  • That was exciting congrats to all participants. That has to be a once in a lifetime experience.. Those memories will last forever.

  • Great job…all the way around! 🙂

  • Great video! Congrats Team Paradise for a well deserved victory! Thanks to all of the volunteers for making it possible for us at home to share in the event. Also thanks to Callaway and Taylormade and Reunion Resort for making it all possible.

  • That was awesome!! MarcAwesome throwing gang signs down! Congrats everybody. You guys did an amazing job!

  • amazing to see this again! the emotions were high, the golf was amazing – and you two couldnt possibly have made this any better!!!

    thank you a million times over.

  • Congrats to TP and to Captain biggsy on their victory. What a great weekend. It would happen without the hard work and dedication from quite a few. I’m forever grateful for the opportunity and I’ll never forget this weekend.

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