The Smooth Challenge – Can A Shaft Make A Difference?

For years now, THP has been your source for ripping through marketing and bringing golfers closer to the equipment industry with proper knowledge and thorough testing. One area that seems to be overlooked by most golfers is the one that has arguably gone through the biggest transformation in recent years in terms of more choices and better products. Companies that are making shafts are producing higher quality products and more fitting options than ever before and yet more times than not, golfers choose strictly by what flex they think is correct.

While at the PGA Show earlier this year, THP got a chance to chat with an icon in the shaft industry Kim Braly to discuss what makes KBS different.

THP enjoyed that interview so much that internally we put the shaft to the test and found that many golfers commented exactly the same way as Kim Braly did in the video above. That leads us to our readers and wanting to do something unique and different and find out what golfers across the country think about shafts and more specifically how they feel. The THP Goal is simple, find out if one shaft feels better than the shaft they currently have in their clubs. No better way than to rip through marketing than put the equipment right into golfers hands around the country and find out exactly what they are feeling.

Coming in September, the THP Tour Van is heading out on a month long journey and will be conducting purely subjective “feel” tests at each stop. Here is the schedule of where the Tour Van will be during the month and if you are in the area, come on out and give us your feedback.

September 1st – Charlotte, NC
September 8th – Atlantic City, NJ
September 15th – Des Moines, IA
September 22nd – St. Louis, MO
September 29th – Atlanta, GA

You can click on any one of the cities to find out the course the THP Tour Van will be at and the details on the events.

THP will have quite a few irons shafted with different shafts and we are looking for feedback on feel. It is such a common word thrown around when discussing golf equipment and THP wants to get to the bottom of it as it pertains to iron shafts.

Come out and join us at any one of the THP Tour Van Events in September and take the Smooth Challenge.

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