The TaylorMade R11S Driver Explained

While at the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show, THP got a chance to speak with TaylorMade Golf about their newly released R11S driver and what made it stand out.

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  • Seems like a lot of technology. I’d consider if they had a black version. Tried the white and it just wasn’t for me. Great interview jb.

  • Nice interview and great observation on the number of pros putting in play – I have noticed that as well. Looking forward to more of these videos.

  • I focused on the words about Justin Rose “23 yards longer” wow, that is huge for someone already playing a driver fitted specifically for them. Impressive.

  • I did not know how this was different from the R11 but this video explained it perfectly. 3 degrees loft difference is substantial and I believe really beneficial to an amateur golfer.

    Lots of hype about this one with the recent commercials and tour players and while it may look the same, it really does sound like TM has put out another solid offering that is quite different.

  • This driver is very interesting to me, I liked the R11 from last year but i feel it lacked in forgiveness. Thats where the R11S comes in and I am dying to try it

  • I’m with One-T, if this has forgivness and is longer than the R11 than I think it could find a spot in my bag. THanks for the great video.

  • I’m always impressed with golf knowledge and the TM crew seemed to have it in spades. This will be on the list to hit at Demo Day

  • Another good interview, and some interesting facts about the new stick. I’d like to try one out myself.

  • The more I read and hear about this driver the more intrigued I get. I imagine that it’s more forgiving that the R11 so that could make it a winner. Looking forward to trying it out at THP Demo Day

  • Great interview! I didn’t realize the R11s had so many options. I really want to get this club on a range.

  • I really am not a fan of the white drivers, but, if it performs, I am sure I could get used to it.

  • Can’t wait to hit these in a TM demo day soon!!!! Count me as interested!

  • went through a fitting and looking to get one in a couple of days…compared to the R11…the club was more “balanced” (not head heavy)…easier to swing and control and easily the most distance and less
    dispersion of the drivers I tried…

  • I still haven’t got the chance to hit this and I am itching to get it out! I think this could be the driver that stays in my bag for a very long time!

  • hit this on Saturday. #driverlove

  • Another great interview. I think the forgiveness increase alone is worth the upgrade from the R11 then you add the extra adjust ability and its just a winner! I cant wait to start the season with mine.

  • Excellent video! I had no idea they reworked everything for the R11s. It’s almost scary the adjust-ability it has now.

  • Great interview JB. I knew there were some differences, but wow that seems like a completely different driver (obviously it is). I like that you can adjust the loft up or down 1.5 degrees. Would be fun to play around with the setting to see different ball flight. I’m still a little confused as to how the sole plate works, it would be cool to see one cut open to show how this works.

  • another homerun from taylormade, time to upgrade from my R9

  • I went to Golfsmith to get fitted for the i20s and walked out with irons on order and the R11S in my hand. I played an R7 that I won in a raffle and hated it. The shots that felt good ballooned a bit. I’m sure it was part shaft, part head…so I went back to my old Titleist.

    After the iron fitting and a short chat later, I hit the i20 driver. It was okay…but, for me, it wasn’t worth soaking another $350 dollars toward. Same thing with the Titleist and Callaway. I was also an “anti-white headed driver” person, but after about 15 swings into the screen and a few loft/sole adjustments, I was back on the range. Another 40-something balls on the range and I was at the cash register paying $430-something. I still wish it was a black head, but I’m over the anti-white feeling. 🙂

    Two weeks later…lovin’ the driver and lovin’ the irons!

  • I was fitted by taylormade on the launch monitor. They had me going from 269 yd with 3950 backspin (4yr old Cleveland launcher) to 303 yds at 2400 backspin. So I ordered the new r11s TP matrix shaft. TM said I have 30 days to try or me money back… If it performs that well in a controlled environment can’t wait to compare the R11s to my old Cleveland in real world conditions.

  • Tay,

    I’m interested to hear your on-course, “real-world” results. I saw similar changes on the video screen.

    I went from about 260 to about 290…with almost zero change in club head speed and a great reduction in spin rate. I know I’m not averaging 290 on the course, but I’m CONSISTENTLY 25+ yards beyond where I used to play my approach shot…and that makes me a happy camper! When you’re an iron shorter than your betting partners, it’s bad enough playing a par 3 and hitting a 5-iron when they’re hitting a 6-iron. It REALLY sucks when everyone hits a good drive but I’m left with a 7-iron and they’re hitting a wedge. I’m a big believer in drive-for-show-putt-for-dough…but it sure is nice to have a shorter approach shot and, hopefully, shorter birdie putts…

    Hit ’em good…


  • I can’t believe they can get away with saying that the club is 23 yards longer than Justin’s gamer. It’s a blatant lie and I’m surprised it’s allowed. I looked at Justin’s 2011 vs 2012 driving stats. There’s a 1 yard difference. The adds even say in fine print what club they are comparing to for the 23 yard difference and it’s NOT his gamer. Is it too much to ask for TM to be truthful about the performance benefit?

  • I hit my rs20 340 yards and I was delighted. The rt 420 was far more reliable for me off the tee, and I tweaked it 360 yards which I was pleased with. The forgiveness was a seller.

  • Was very happy with my r9 supertri. Didn’t think anything could touch it. Loved the deep face and 3 weight ports. Then the heel weight port stripped and the weight wasn’t locking in. TM, being the great company that they are, replaced it with an R11s. Fantastic driver! Far superior to the supertri. Gained 10-15 yards and it’s more forgiving on off center hits. WOW!

  • I bought an R11s this year because I cracked the face on two Cobra f speed drivers (those range balls are like hitting rocks). I hit most of the current drivers in the simulator and chose the R11s but I haven’t noticed any distance gains on the course and I’m hitting 53% of fairways down from 68% last year. I think it is longer if I hit it pure but I am all over the place with it. Needless to say I am not thrilled with it to this point. I find it heavy and with so many adjustments it driving me a little nuts. Took out the 10 and 1 gram weights…setup neutral to 1.5 closed…and so on. Now I’m even thinking I’ve got the wrong shaft. This is just too many options.

    I’m a 1 handicap. My swing speed is around 108 on a normal swing and ball speed around 150-155. So the F speed was maybe not technically not meant for me (125-150 ball speed), but I sure like it a lot better – anyone got an F speed with a stiff shaft they don’t want?

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