The Ultimate Hole In One?

When you think of a Hole in One, you immediately think of perfection. From there, all golfers would immediately share the stories about how it happened. What if it could be captured on video for the world to see? What if it could be done at an event where you were the tour pro with cameras everywhere?

Well, the 2014 Morgan Cup was the back drop, and the iconic event is called the Ultimate Golf Event Period for a reason. If you do not know about this amazing event, you can read about it here. Today, in the final round of the this special weekend, one THP member had the dream become reality and made the Ultimate Hole In One.

This video is the raw unedited footage and in a couple of weeks, THP will unveil the full action from all 3 days of the event.

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  • Absolutely unreal. What a reaction. So awesome that so many thpers were so close!

    This is your warning, #zoocrew!

  • Topping off a perfect week and weekend. Unreal.

  • #Cookie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is amazing. Congrats!!!

  • Holy cow, Cookie!!!! Nice! Awesome shot.

  • Fantastic shot! What a great celebration up on the tee box!

  • How unreal is that! Congrats to Cookie

  • Such a great shot and to have it here at the Morgan Cup! Well done Cookie…congrats!

  • Congrats cookie, that’s awesome!

  • I can’t think of a better time to get a HIO! How exciting. Congrats Cookie!!!

  • Cookie!!!! Amazing! Great job buddy

  • That is sooo awesome!!!

  • That is awesome and could not have happened to a nicer or more deserving person. How appropriate for a loyal THPer and staffer to get his awesome HIO recorded at the Ultimate Golf Event… Period!! Congrats on an awesome shot Cookie!!

  • That’s awesome cookie! Congrats on the Hole In One. Too cool. And caught on video.

  • Way to go Cookie , That is Awesome !

  • So cool for you(Cookie) to nail a hole in one at the MC! Congrats on the shot and doing it on the big stage!

  • I am so blown away by this, awesome shot Michael! I could not be happier for you, well done buddy!

  • Heard the yelling from about a hundred yards away. I sprinted over and saw everyone going crazy. What a shot by Cookie on the biggest stage.

  • Way to go Cookie. The perfect person to pull off this shot during the Morgan Cup. Congrats brother.

  • Congrats Cookie !
    You sir, are my hero !

  • That was amazing well done Mike

  • WOW! That was pretty special right there…had to be one of the last matches of the day since there was so many others around…..Great shot Cookie!!

  • OH. MY. GAWD.

  • Wait wait, what song was playing in the background? “Turn Down for What?”

  • Just watched it again, love the shout “that has GOT to be on camera!” Oh yeah, chill bumps.

  • That was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever witnessed. Cameras and 20 people gathered around the tee box and #cookie stuffs it! Couldn’t have happened to a better guy

  • AWESOME! Congratulations #COOKIE!!!!!!

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