This Is The Year I Make A Change

As golfers, the new year brings hope, thoughts of change and goals that are going to make the future so much better. We look at our goals set each year as reasonable and obtainable and then twelve months later it reads like the back of a shampoo bottle saying lather, rinse, repeat.


Do It Together
As the new year approaches, those goals are getting scribbled down. Lessons and formulas are being put together as golfers begin to make their strides to becoming the best they can be. This year, THP is saying “Let’s Do It Together” and believes that with the accountability of others having your back as you put your plans in place, anything is possible.

Change The Game
Albert Einstein once said “Doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity”. So let’s stop the madness and put goals in place that mean something. Together with the THP campaign of #ChangeTheGame you can topple those goals one at a time and bring the enjoyment of this wonderful sport into your life.

Goals Thread
Click here to be taken to the 2016 THP Goals thread, where you can read what others are putting together for their challenge and put together your own. Each week you can update and get encouragement and suggestions on how to make it stick.

2016 can be your year. Changing the game with THPers, one step at a time and bringing enjoyment back to the sport that we all love.

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