THP Adds A Vector X Launch Monitor

Here at THP we are always looking for ways to take our reviews to the next level and we think that you are really going to enjoy the new addition that has been added to Team THP as we strive to get you the best unbiased information anywhere on the internet.

THP has teamed up with AccuSport and more specifically their new VectorX launch monitor to help with that process and from here on out, we will be including this in most of the reviews that we do. We will also use it for shoot outs, demo days, etc…

The new VectorX is a very unique launch monitor as it has a computer built right into the system for the ultimate in portability, without sacrificing the accuracy. No longer will you need to have a computer or power out on the range when fitting or practicing.

From the Company

The Next Generation of Vector System Technology

Vector X stands alone in more ways than one

Vector X now delivers launch monitor data with no need for a computer.


All-in-one unit – no computer required
Photo-metric camera system with micro-lens technology
No focus or aperture adjustments
On-board computer for shot image processing
Full color display screen shows shot results
On-board fitting and practice software
Completely portable for use indoors oroutdoors
Runs on internal rechargeable battery or A/C power
Optional data integration to VTeach, VFit and VRange software (computer required)
Quick Set-up

Vector X is ready to use in less than 2 minutes. No Lens Adjustment Required.

Lightweight and Compact

Vector X weighs less than 5 pounds and is easily transported without having to worry about a computer.


Vector X can be used indoors or outdoors, and has both AC power and self-contained rechargeable batteries.


Vector X works with right or left handed golfers and with all clubs, on hitting mats or turf, and with or without a tee.

Measured Parameters

Ball Speed: within 0.5 MPH
Launch Angle: within 0.2 degrees
Back Spin: within 150 RPM
Side Spin: within 150 RPM
Side Angle: within 2 degrees
Ball Flight Calculations

Down Range
Off Line
Flight Time
Max Height
Total Distance

When the unit arrived last week, we really did not know what to expect, but the all in one launch monitor performs really well and seems to be in early testing extremely accurate. THP will be including data in many of its reviews and we are confident that the Vector X will be the perfect device to give us that info. It is just one more piece of information to make all of our readers the most informed consumers in the world. Stay tuned as we will have a complete review of this unit coming up soon.

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