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Each week THP has tons of fun contests that involve some of the coolest things in golf being given away. When there is a big event, we like to do things a little more grand and this year for the 3rd major of the season, The British Open (aka Open Championship) we have something extra special.

The Prize
THP & Callaway Golf have teamed up to give away something fantastic for the 3rd Major of the year! The winner will receive a brand new Callaway Diablo Octane Driver fit to their specs!

Playing The Game
As with all of our major contests, we have a fun game for this contest. Click below to find out the rules of the game and exactly how to enter. Good luck everybody.

For full details on this contest check out the THP Forum Here.

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  1. DawgDaddy says:

    A big thank you to two golf icons, Callaway Golf and The Hackers Paradise. This is a great contest and good luck to all who enter.

  2. wcueb923 says:

    Sweet another Great contest. Thanks THP & Callaway Golf.

  3. ddec says:

    Another great contest. Thank you Callaway Golf and THP! The Octane is a sweet driver, someone will be very happy.

  4. Canio says:

    Great contest! THP has done it again. And thank you Callaway Golf.

  5. yorkem says:

    THP and the OEM’s they partner with never cease to amaze! Thank you THP and Callaway!

  6. Yoccos says:

    Great contest! Thank you THP and Callaway!!!!

  7. Spaceman_Spiff says:

    Thank you Callaway for bringing it big time! Would love to get my hands on this driver! Thanks to THP for yet another great contest! LETS DO THIS!

  8. 9-Iron Man says:

    Very cool of Callaway to step up for another Major Contest! Thanks Callaway and THP!!

  9. IceyShanks says:

    Thanks to Callaway and THP for putting this great major contest on!

  10. Dmb012 says:

    What an awesome contest! Thanks THP and Callaway!

  11. Smallville says:

    Great contest! Thanks to Callaway and THOP for this one. I’ve never owned Callaway clubs before. It will be nice to put this in my bag after I win it.

  12. Smallville says:

    Thats, THP! Not THOP!

  13. rbyrne20 says:

    Awesome!!! Thanks THP and Callaway!

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