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With the Masters being the first major of the season, THP wanted to have a contest, but not just any contest, we wanted this to be the biggest contest we have ever done. To do this we enlisted the help of TaylorMade Golf to give away a brand new R11S driver, RBZ Fairway Wood and adidas Samba golf shoes. Those amazing prizes alone would have been great, but we decided to take it a step further by hand delivering these prizes in the THP Tour Van and playing a round of golf with the winner.

What a great experience! We want to once again congratulate the winner, THP forum member Tbird, and we want to thank you for an incredible day. You can see his reaction when he opened his prizes here. Watching tbird hit this driver was awesome. He was hitting it so well, and the RBZ FW wood was the perfect compliment. He also said he loved the new adidas Samba shoes. What a great afternoon.

It was windy quite windy in NOLA, so some of the videos are kind of hard to hear, however we did our best to capture the excitement on his day and you can see all those videos here as well as some photos here.

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  1. Cookie says:

    What an awesome experience for Tbird. Just an absolutely incredible contest offered from THP & TaylorMade/Adidas Golf!! Really enjoyed watching the on course videos, looks like a heck of a day!

  2. ole gray says:

    No surprise to me as THP always delivers awesome surprises for their members. Also thanks to TaylorMade golf for adding to the smile on Tbirds face :o)

  3. Coolbreeze says:

    THP and Taylormade always bring it! Congrats on a great prize Tbird.

  4. james dempsey says:

    I don’t have speakers on this computer at work. I don’t really need them just seeing that big Grin on Tbirds face tells it all. Congrats Tbird and Thanks go out to THP and Taylormade Golf for this wonderful contest.

  5. Staticline says:

    Very cool. Heck of a way to receive a prize!

  6. yaksta says:

    Great work THP, now let’s see him hit them.

  7. Smallville says:

    Congrats to Tbird on such a great prize. Pleased to know you were hitting the driver well right away!

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