THP Exclusive PGA Show Videos – Men’s Apparel

During the course of the PGA Merchandise Show, THP shoots hours of video and edits them into watchable clips for our readers. Here are clips that we considered “must watch” from our week long visit to Orlando. Each day this week we will have more videos featuring different categories from the show.

Today we have 5 videos that are very style oriented. A few days ago THP covered the ladies apparel videos from the show and today we have more original content that you will not find anywhere else. Today is all (or mostly) about the men and these brands really stuck out at the show. Let us know your thoughts as well.

Sligo Preview 2010

Cleveland Classic Apparel with Claudia & Golfer Gal

IJP Designs 2010 Preview

Tattoo Golf 2010 Preview

Quagmire Golf 2010 Preview

Stay Tuned for more each day as we continue to bring you the very best in PGA Show Coverage only available from The Hackers Paradise. As always do not forget to check out the most renowned PGA Merchandise Show coverage anywhere on the planet in our forum. We have an entire section dedicated to just the PGA Show and you will not want to miss a single thread.

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  • Firstly,great new webiste HP its excellent and looks a million miles better than the old one. Well done, you look like number one now.

    These videos are very interesting but unfortunately the clothing wasn’t. Seems they have all go the same stuff…more or less. They also seem to push the technical aspects of the shirts rather than what their brand is all about. I would have thought telling the brand message would have been key but no its all ‘our technical fabric etc, etc’ this suggest they are all the same. Even the Tattoo which was a surprise.

    Anyway HP keep up the good work!

  • John,
    I respectfully disagree. I think it is important for companies to talk about the materials used in their new line, as well as the design patterns. All of the brands featured above have been reviewed by THP and their brand message has been told on this site and most people can read about their brand on their own website.

    These videos are about showing the world what they have coming up with in 2010.

  • Great stuff here! Golf fashion is becoming more and more relevant in the golf industy and these are definitely some of the leaders. I love my Sligo!

  • This coverage is 2nd to none in my opinion! Great work to JB, Harry, and GG for bringing us the best PGA show coverage available anywhere in the world!

  • Hi HP Admin,

    I respectfully disagree with you. I was not encourage by any of these videos to consider looking at their sites or buying their products.

    I understand the people were probably not prepared for you guys to turn up and do a video but I didn’t get motivated to buy the stuff as they all said the same things.

    Great coverage by you guys though of the show.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Admin,
    Our job is not to sell product. We accept zero advertising on this site. Our goal is to put things up on here that we believe our readers will enjoy. Judging by the hundreds of posts in the forum on these brands based on the videos, it seems you are in the minority. But everybody has their own opinion.

  • Did that guy even watch the videos? I think Sligo and Ian Poulter both showed off the new lines perfectly. They talked about the style, the materials, and the outfits and I love them. I had not heard of Sligo or Cleveland Classics before finding THP and it is coverage and videos like this that makes we want to find them now.

  • The Hackers Paradise I see you have not published my last post which I find quite unbelievable. You seem not to like any one who doesn’t just agree with you. You appear to be an authoritarian and obviously don’t believe in free speech. I was giving my objective and honest opinion which you plainly don’t like. You also see to dislike anyone telling you so. As a senior executive in the apparel industry for 25 years I do think I know what I would expect from people trying to sell and promote their brand.
    Finally I am extremely disappointed and discouraged by how you have managed my posts and you over all aggressive attitude.

  • We DO NOT moderate posts John Wilson. Every post goes up and only spam comes down. Nice try. Perhaps it was something on your end, but you clearly have a bone to pick with the brands we covered. And of course there is no conflict of interest there right?

    You have a right to your opinion just like we and everybody else does here. Perhaps you dont like the brands we cover and how we cover them. That is your right, just as everybody else seems to enjoy the coverage.

  • Loving the direction of golf style for 2010…Finally!

  • Love the videos. Some people cannot be pleased I guess. I want to hear more about the Sligo line after seeing this and had no idea that Tattoo golf used moisture wicking stuff until now. Keep it up.

  • It is interesting how many of you Americans love this cheap fabric…you guy’s invented the very first coolmax. It was cotton now you want polyester not style.

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