THP Fall Golf Outing & Demo Day Concludes

The THP Fall Golf Outing & Demo Day Weekend has officially come to an end. We want to thank everybody that came to this event and hope it was everything that you had hoped for going in. Rather than give you our take on the weekend festivities, we thought it would be a better idea to let each person give their take on the subject. GolferGal and myself had a tremendous time getting know each and every person through dinner, drinks, golf, and more. We had an absolute blast. You can read the attendees take on the entire outing from their point of view by clicking right here.

Demo Day at the THP Golf Outing

GG & I learned once again how great the THP forum members are. Gather 50 of them together for a golf outing and leave with memories that will last forever. We had an absolute blast and hope everybody else did as well. There was even a marriage proposal during the event and we DEFINITELY want to congratulate them and say “now you have to come each year”.

It is weekends like this that make everything worth it. The people that were here were wonderful and in the end, that is truly what makes a golf outing, a memorable trip. Thank you all that made the journey to FL for this event and we promise, we will even try and out do ourselves for the next one.

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  • BEST WEEKEND EVER. Big thanks to Josh, Morgan, T Hanks, Jason K, and TC for busting your humps to make sure we had a great time.

  • thanks to PGA National for being a wonderful host. it was a pleasure meeting and hanging out with so many of you. JB, GG, you two sure know how to put together an outing, and i can’t wait to be a part of the next one.

  • Sounds like it was even better than the first outting! Wish I could have made it for this one as well – hopefully I’ll be at the next one.

  • another great time had by all. the bar keeps on being set higher and higher by THP and the sky truly is the limit for not only future outings but THP itself

  • I cannot say enough good things about the outing. Both AdamsGirl and I had a complete blast. What a beautiful venue with some terrific people. You can definitely count us in for next year!!

  • You know, if this grows in relation to the growth of THP Media and other venues we may need to book the entire PGA National complex, lol. What a great time with outstanding people. Thank you JB & GG, PGA National and all the many vendors who flat out “Brought It” for this outing.

  • That yellow shirt and that guy are HOT!

  • I have to say that this demo day was just awesome. It was much more than I could have ever expected. I want to thank all of the companies that were willing to send stuff. I can say that after telling people that did not go how much they missed out. The next one will be even bigger. Thanks again and I can not wait til next year!

  • can’t believe it’s already been a week. i’m suffering from POD (post outing depression). thanks to every company out there that sent in equipment to be tested, especially those of you that sent in pre-release equipment. it speaks volumes of the relationships that JB and GG have developed in the industry. another big shoutout to West Coast Putters for sponsoring the putting competition that took place during the putter demo portion of the outing on sunday morning. your proto putters were phenomenal and a big hit, and the contest winner certainly earned his win by dropping an absolute bomb!

  • Thank you guys so much for putting this on. I still talk about the outing and all the wonderful people I met. I am too suffering for POD and can’t wait for the next one.

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