THP First Look – 2011 Never Compromise Gambler Putter Preview

This is the THP FIRST LOOK at the new putter line coming out in 2011 from Never Compromise. These are in hand pictures and THP has had the opportunity to test this line of putters extensively before release and a full review will be coming very soon. The Gambler series was a huge hit at the recent 2010 THP Golf Outing & Demo Day as golfers from around the world were able to be the first ones to put this incredible looking flat stick to the test on actual greens. More on their feedback coming up in a second.

The Gambler Boat

First Impression
At first glance, the Gambler series is quite a departure from the X-Ray line that THP readers were pretty fond of last year. This finely crafted piece of metal appears to be more art than that of a piece of golf equipment, but don’t let the gorgeous looks fool you. These putters came to play. When THP first heard that Never Compromise was going to switch gears and venture into the premium putter market, we were not sure what to expect, however after seeing these first hand, our initial question was “What have you been waiting for?”. The classically shaped designs and elegant style make these stand out, but there is far more than meets the eye when you first gaze at them.

1. The design just makes our hearts melt. When many think of putting cliches, the first one that comes to mind is “Drive for show and putt for dough”. Following that “gambleresque” (not a real word), the Never Compromise Gambler series brings the blend of golf and winning together as one. From the finely marked artwork of clubs, hearts, diamonds and spades to the black and red coloring, this one jumps out at you and says “Gambler”.

2. No matter what anybody says, the word “Limited” makes golf equipment fans everywhere take notice. Seeing it on both the beautiful cover as well as the putter itself screams “Take me home”.

The Gambler Flush

The Never Compromise Gambler Limited putters will be available in 4 models coming up in 2011. THP has your exclusive look at each style and what these “gambleresque” names mean in relation to the looks of the putter.

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I will leave that to those that had a chance to test these putters out at the recent THP Demo Day. Click the link right below this and see a variety of Hi-Res pictures (larger) and tons of feedback from everybody in attendance at the outing. Get feedback from golfers that got a chance to try out the entire line of Never Compromise Putters.

Feedback & more pictures are available by clicking here.

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