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This is the THP FIRST LOOK at a new driver coming out from Srixon Golf in 2011. These are in hand pictures and THP has had the opportunity to test this line of drivers extensively before release and a full review will be coming very soon. This driver was a huge hit at the recent THP 2011 Club Test and now we can show off what people have been talking about.

First Impression
At first glance, you would think that the Srixon Z-Star driver is another fine product in the line of traditional drivers put together for the traditionalist out there. Then you take a closer look and realize that this piece of equipment is anything but traditional and all about technology. While you setup to the ball, you see a very standard looking club head, and that is about where it ends. Flip this driver over and take a gander at the sole and you realize just how much is going on. You will immediately be immersed in customization and adjustability that we may not have seen before. Some things immediately stood out when we got past our gaze of excitement.

1. Simplicity – Quick Tune Technology is all about making your life simple with your adjustments of the driver. No more turning and cranking the wrench 20 times until you hear a click or beep. A quarter turn and this one is done. This applies to both the face angle as well as the weights. Speaking of weights, changing them out has never been easier, because unlike most of the other manufacturers, Srixon has provided additional weights for you. But the best part is, you will not lose them because they are hidden in the handle of the wrench. That’s right, the handle of the wrench pops open and inside is a housing that holds each weight.

2. Fool Proof – Design implementation that is truly incredible. Have you ever been confused with the adjustable head drivers and more specifically whether you are aligning it properly? Well if you have, Srixon has helped you, or in this case their partnership with Miyazaki Shafts has helped you. This new shaft design actually incorporates a cheat sheet so to speak that shows the expected ball flight when it is aligned a certain way. No, I am not kidding, and yes that is an incredible feature. On top of that, they have written diagrams that show exactly what changing out the weights will mean for your swing. Design meets technology, and yet still keeps things easy to understand.

Shaft Technology
In the Spring of 2011, Miyazaki Premium Golf Shafts is set to launch the new DROMOS series of golf shafts. This series was engineered to have superior multi-axis consistency to become the ultimate upgrade for modern adjustable drivers. Inconsistencies in graphite shafts can lead to “spines” or axes of enhanced or reduced stiffness. Depending upon the shaft’s orientation in the hosel sleeve, these stiffness inconsistencies can negate or enhance the face angle/loft and subsequent trajectory adjustments afforded by adjustable drivers. The proprietary layup of the Miyazaki DROMOS series was engineered to reduce the “spine” effect to ensure consistent feel and predictable performance regardless of orientation. The Miyazaki DROMOS series is available in 61 R/S/X, 72 S/X, and 83X in 0.335” tip and MSRP is TBD.

I will leave that to those that had a chance to test it out this past week. Click the link right below this and see Hi-Res pictures (larger) and tons of feedback from everybody in attendance at the outing. Get feedback from golfers that got a chance to try out this new driver line pre-release.

Feedback & more pictures are available by clicking the link below.

Srixon Z-Star Driver Pictures & Feedback

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  1. Stuart says:

    Just quietly, how much does that look like a Taylormade R series driver?

  2. Frank says:

    Pear Shaped. Honestly best looking driver said ive ever seen. I love it.

  3. Freddie Kong says:

    Just picked this club up and I can’t wit to hit it. The look of the club is very pleasing to the eye. From all reports I will really enjoy this club

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