THP First Look – Cleveland Classic Driver

Heritage meets technology in the latest retro design out of Cleveland Golf. The new Cleveland Classic driver that hits stores early in 2012 has landed straight out of a time machine, but on the way picked up all the latest in technology. THP wanted to show you some in hand looks at the ‘newest’ driver that will be hitting the shelves in 2012 and something you are going to want to keep your eyes on.

Introducing the Cleveland Classic Driver

Cleveland Classic Impact Sound

Click here to see some in hand pictures of the new Cleveland Classic driver.

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  • I love the packaging that it came in. Reminds me of when I used to receive fishing rods in the mail. Definitely unique. I was really worried about the sound when I heard “largest face in golf.” Reasson is, I remember Cobra saying that had the largest face in golf back a few years ago and that driver was as loud as can be. This one doesn’t seem to have that loud crack but a rather nice thwack sound to it. Well done Cleveland.

  • That package is just downright cool!! Headcover is very interesting (almost looks handmade) but makes sense with the theme of the club. Definitely a bunch of depth in that face – interested to see how it helps with the hits high on the face.

    Sounds is very tame compared to what we are used to hearing. Looking forward to hearing what the selling points of this driver are (more distance, better control) or if it is just kinda the rebadged nostalgia target.

  • Holy deepness! The packaging is a very cool touch. The more I see of this, the more I like it.

  • Very cool! I love the packaging as well. So far with this and the Black driver, Cleveland could give all the other manufacturers a run for their money in the driver category this upcoming year.

  • Looks interesting and being from the old school anyway this product is peaking my interest. I like the sound that JB was kind enough to let us hear in the video and the club just looks like a good old boy to me!

  • Just when I think Cleveland can’t do any better. This thing looks amazing. Much better in the video than the pictures. Can’t wait to see how this thing performs. Packaging is such a cool touch.

  • I love it. Packaging, looks, shaft, headcover. This driver has it all. I want this one so badly. More than any other driver I’ve seen I think.

  • The packaging is very cool. I’m not sold on the looks though, it is fun to talk about and all but I don’t anticipate it being much more than just a novelty item really.

  • Wasn’t sure about the looks of this driver on the recent pics, but these videos really bring it to life. THP media really gives us a great view of these products!

    The packaging is amazing. Not sold on the headcover but there’s no way that would enter into any purchasing decision for me.

    Thanks for the sound video. I really loved the sound of this driver. Can’t wait to read more about it.

  • I love it! This will be my next driver I believe for a few reasons. I love the look, I really like having a deep face on my driver, and finally I love the c.kua 43s shaft that I have now, it looks bad ass in the all black in that driver. This one will be mine.

  • Not my cup of tea in terms of looks, but love the walkthrough and sound

  • How many CC’s is head?

  • I love me some Cleveland, but the new Classic driver just doesn’t do anything for me. Love the shaft, but the looks just aren’t there for me on the head.

  • What a beauty. Great videos and info!

  • I want! Cleveland has really created something extremely impressive, from the looks department. Can’t wait to hear how this plays. That’s a real beauty.

  • Not feeling it, that head cover is just gross!

  • That is awesome! But will this be the next trend? Hopefully they can patent the idea and we aren’t offered up a ‘classic’ from every OEM…except maybe PING…that’d be sweet. 🙂

  • Well done Cleveland first the black and now the classic. Now I’m dying to know what is this other concept driver we have heard rumors about! The only might be picking which one:)

  • Thanks for the videos but I am still not a fan.

  • I call dibs on this down in FL!! That video was awesome!! Driver looks insane and I think it looks to have enough forgiveness heel to toe. I can’t wait to hit this

  • Just listened to the sound vid. Man that is very solid sounding

  • Man the club is FREAKING BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the looks of this club and am anxious to hear about how it performs.

  • Man, I love the looks of this thing…reminds me of my favorite driver as a kid…my dad gave me a “hand me down” Cleveland Classic Persimmon Driver when I was 15 and I loved that thing!

    Sounds great too!

  • I love the retro look of this club. I have always been a fan of refreshing technology but staying true to your original designs.

  • What an awesome package! I’m not just talking about the package it is shipped in (which is super cool), but the entire package of this driver is cool! It seems like Cleveland thought of everything with this driver, from the exact Persimmon look, color along with the brassing, but even the blacked out shaft is spot on! Great job Cleveland!

  • as one who played over a decade with Cleveland TC15, RC69, and RC85 persimmon, this all seems really cool. I can’t wait to get my hands on one. Its unfortunate that titanium has leveled the playing field so much, tho — in the old days, it took some serious skill to hit persimmon well…

  • I absolutely love this look. This might be my favorite driver that Cleveland has ever put out. Absolutely gorgeous.

  • I’m incredibly intrigued by the sound there. The looks are cool too. I like the bottom and the club at address but hoping that yellow on the face blends in a little more in hand. Love the shaft that comes with this too!

  • The look of this driver is really growing on me. I love the sound and CG went above and beyond with the packaging. Looking forward to giving it a few swings.

  • You can really see the color in the video and with the in-hand photos.

    I’m intrigued by the deep and large face. It doesn’t wow me as I think it’s a little too much of a throwback, but would still love to try and give it a shot.

    I must say, I really like the sound of it.

  • Looks awesome and sounds awesome. And once again, a great price on newest technology!

  • IF I was in the market for a DRIVER this WOULD BE IT!!! I’ve actually hit this club (prototype) vs the OTHER major manufacturers. HANDS down This will be a’s so good at TM they’ll have to come out with an “R-13, R-15, R17 etc…” just to compete!

    Btw, the Cleveland staff and NON-players have this DRIVER in their bag for the practice rounds at PGA Q-School this week!

  • Love the look of this Driver…Old School meet 2012…Sound is also great…The old Launcher models use to have a load crack to hit. Also set up is awesome…Looking forward to getting one in my hands.

  • My favorite driver ever was a Tony Pena oversize persimmon head. It was awesome and hit slight draw down the middle. But then, the hosel cracked and I had to move on. This Cleveland Classic looks and sounds just like the Tony Pena and I am delighted beyond belief. It is my very next purchase. Way to go Cleveland.

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