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KBS going graphite? No, don’t worry, the company is not moving away from it’s steel shafts that many THPers have been fit into, but they are launching a new graphite shaft and it is currently being tested out on tour.

The new KBS Tour Hybrid Shaft is coming soon, so THP TV caught up with Kim Braley to find out everything you want to know about it.

Stay tuned to the THP Forum for more information on this and other KBS Shafts as they get rolled out soon.

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  1. Girardcorp says:

    I’m intrigued. Hybrid shaft is something I need to get figured out and I play kbs in my irons. This could really help with that club.

  2. Alex B says:

    Great video, I love how KB breaks it down in layman terms so the everyday golfer can understand and see how the shafts benefit a golfer.

    Also good to see them with a new entry into the market, they’ve been a bit quiet.

    As a big hybrid guy I can definitely see myself trying these out as they make some great shafts.

  3. Canadan says:

    Love it!!! Profile something like a tour V and I’ll be in heaven.

  4. Michael Gutierrez says:

    A hybrid shaft will be really interesting. I’m still partial to the UST IRod, but really looking forward to more details on these.

  5. Jerry says:

    Interesting. I like his product in wedges. Wonder what the 65g will be like (not a heavy hitter). Agree with him that hybrids have become more than a replacement iron. They are fairway wood-like, and some of us need that. Others do not. At the same time, some of us do need more than an iron-like shaft to launch hybrids. Others do not. I think his hybrid shaft will serve a good sized niche.

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