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Today we continue the 2016 THP Holiday Cheer Event, the annual contest that is the celebration of the THP online community. Seven years ago, THP hosted its first Holiday Cheer event, and it was a contest unlike any other and this year the week long event continues with amazing prizes.

Today’s prize is actually 3 prizes and the winners will each receive brand new Bushnell Tour V4 rangefinders. These devices have received rave reviews from THPers since we gave a handful of them earlier this year for review.


The 2016 THP Holiday Cheer runs for this whole week with a new prize every single day. If you do not see it on this home page, do not forget to check the forum each day for a chance to win a spectacular prize.

Bushnell Tour V4 Laser Rangefinders are up for grabs today and there will be three winners. You can read the THP review of this device right here to have almost all of your questions answered about it’s abilities.

Entering is as easy as following the instructions in these four steps below, and all must be completed to qualify.

How To Enter
Step 1 – Leave a comment below on why you want to win a brand new Bushnell laser and include your Twitter Handle and Facebook page if you want the bonus entries.

Step 2 – Bonus Entry – Follow @THPGolf and RT the tweet sent out this morning by @THPGolf about this contest.

Step 3 – Bonus Entry – Follow the THPFan Page on Facebook and Like and Share the post about this contest.

Step 4 – Sit back and wait till after 7pm EST for the announcement of the winner on the THP Forum.

That’s it. It’s that time of year where we celebrate the wonderful THP Community and the people that make it great. Good luck!

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  1. Jaymo37 says:

    I’d love one of these, I play a few courses regularly that are notoriously bad with their yardage markers, and would like nothing better than to take the guess work out of it.

    @jmelanson5 (Twitter)

    Jay Melanson (Facebook)

  2. tanker337 says:

    Its always nice to know exact yardages and one of these would be an awesome tool for that job!

  3. d_in_la says:

    I have no doubt having a range finder will help me lower my scores. So far, I’ve been old schooling it – guessing. I always play a little better when one of my friends is using their range finder for distance checking!

    @dpcla (twitter)

    Daniel Cooke (facebooke)

  4. Todd williams says:

    My game needs some love twit-@todd3pc FB-Todd Williams

  5. David Watkins says:

    WHOAH!!!! I can’t believe I’ve lived this long and didn’t know about this incredible, USA themed range finder. Does it get any better??? Dan Rooney is my hero, and as a guy who donates annually to the Folds of Honor, this is a must-have golf item. ‘Merica…

  6. Theodore Hodnett says:

    I’m a 2 year golfer that’s trying to progress rapidly because of my love for the game. I’m on a quest for a single digit handicap, and even have a hash tag for it lol #ChasingSingleDigits. My biggest hurdle besides my driver is judging distance. I know how far I hit each club, but I can’t tell the distance to the hole!! A Bushnell rangefinder would be a lifesaver as they’re the best, and simply put… I’m #ChasingSingleDigits !!

  7. Theodore Hodnett says:


  8. Marco says:

    I would like to receive a new rangefinder because the one I have drains battery if the battery is left in it when not in use, I have had to replace the 9volt connector twice already, and I am starting to think it is giving inaccurate readings.

    Twitter: Marco_AtoZ

    FB: Marco Alcovendaz

  9. Glenn says:

    I would like to win the Bushnell Tour V4 rangefinder, so that my dad and I can lower our handicaps by being able to judge the distance of our shots more accurately.

  10. Glenn says:

    I would like to win the Bushnell Tour V4 rangefinder, so that my dad and I can lower our handicaps by being able to judge the distance of our shots more accurately.

    Twitter: @glennjersey

  11. Steve Trust says:

    Bushnell is the Cadillac of range finders, and recently I have been considering changing over to a range finder from a yardage watch. Seems like the watches lose charge or are left home on the charger as I get holder. A range finder also gets you the exact yardage . I want the best if I am making that leap. Bushnell is the best

  12. Sen says:

    I’d love to know the slope 😉

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