THP Interviews Jesper Parnevik

While at the 2013 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, FL, THP had a chance to chat with iconic athlete Jesper Parnevik. The conversation covered his comeback and his health as well as what he thinks of the latest Cobra Puma golf equipment and apparel. Famous for his golf game and unique style, there was even some conversation about his music video career.

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  • Very cool, nice interview.

  • Very cool video, Jesper seems like a really cool guy! Thanks for the coverage!

  • Great interview Josh! Several really good questions, JP is a good interview. Wishing him the best this year with Cobra in the bag!

  • Great interview! Cant believe they got the Music Video in one take, that’s incredible. Some love for the Trusty Rusty too!

  • Awesome video. Jesper is always an fun guy to follow, I wish him well in 2013!

  • Great interview. He is such a cool guy

  • Great video. Thanks for the coverage.

  • great video…. did JB just shake someones hand? hahaha

  • That guy is super cool!!!

  • Great video, seems like a cool dude

  • Awesome Interview! Seems like a great guy, and glad he gave some Trusty Rusty love. Very cool.

  • Nice interview. I’m still not a fan of flipping up the bill!

  • Very nice…appreciate Jesper taking the time to talk to us.

  • Great little interview there JB.
    Glad to see Jesper is coming back strong.

  • Nice Job Josh

  • Great job JB. That was very cool a Jesper. Good to see him again.

  • One of my favorites, thanks Josh.

  • Great interview with some good questions. I will be pulling for Jesper in 2013

  • […] is a release many of our readers have been waiting for. Earlier in the week, PGA Tour superstar Jesper Parnevik spoke to THP and mentioned his fondness for these […]

  • Sweet!

  • Awesome interview!! Lots of solid info there. Really like how much he likes both brands.

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