THP Interviews President of Nike Golf

THP had a chance to speak with the president of Nike Golf Cindy Davis about the new line and what Speed is all about.

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  • OUTSTANDING interview JB!

    I really enjoyed watching that and listening to Cindy describe what speed means to Nike and what is can mean to the consumer.

    Too many distance “claims” are marketed to us as golfers and there is nothing better than taking your club and doing a head to head comparison. For one, I will definitely be doing it along with my dad and will report back my findings to THP.

    Great interview and I really like what Nike Golf is doing here!

  • Got to lose that gut dude…

  • What an awesome interview, didn’t know she used to work for GC, very cool. Sounds like she’s got a great view on the future of Nike.

  • That was an awesome interview! Really well done Josh, and thank you Cindy for taking the time.

  • Very cool of Cindy to talk with you! Great interview JB! I’m very excited with the 2012 Nike line up. Hopefully they bring the Speed Demo close to me!

  • Ok now i am officially excited to find a speed trial and try these out.

  • Great interview!!! Tons of great info!!!

  • Probably the best interview to date in the history of THP!

  • She didn’t stump you with that wonderful complete first answer. Good job, good questions, comments and I believe that she will give you another interview.

  • I taped this interview and JB really does control the room or the space he is in. This was a great interview and the VRS seem as real as they come. I saw Griffey Jr. add 30 yes and hit a 300 yd 3w

  • Great interview! I can’t wait to try one of these out. I will have to find a speed trial around the house to go to.

  • I hit both the VR_S Driver and cast irons Sunday in Michigan. It was hard to tell with the driver because of high winds and blowing snow. But, by the time we got to the irons, things cleared up. I am not a great golfer, but these were clearly the best clubs I have ever hit. I was straight as an arrow and at least 10-15 yards longer in the 6, 7 and 8 irons. I can’r wait to get me a set.

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