THP Outing Demo Day Equipment Feedback

This past week we have our annual THP Golf Outing and Demo Day and during that time 50 forum members from all over the world had the chance to demo items from over 20 manufacturers. For two days straight everyone woke up early to test out all the latest and greatest equipment on the market. In fact, some of the equipment that was tested cannot even be talked about yet because it will not be released for a few more months.

We wanted to share with everyone the thoughts and feelings from the testers so below are links to many of the companies in attendance. If you don’t see their name it’s because we are not allowed to talk about it yet but stayed tuned because you will not believe what they have in store for 2011!

Putter Demo Day Feedback
Tour Edge Exotics Demo Day Feedback
TaylorMade Demo Day Feedback
Bridgestone Demo Day Feedback
Project X Demo Day Feedback
Mizuno Demo Day Feedback
Miyazaki Shafts Demo Day Feedback
Wilson Staff Demo Day Feedback
Adams Demo Day Feedback
PING Demo Day Feedback
Cobra Demo Day Feedback
Williams Demo Day Feedback

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  • Can’t give enough thanks to the equipment companies and THP for the opportunity to try out all of this gear. I found the next version of my bag and can’t wait to start building it. Also, the consumer reviews should be valuable to those folks that couldn’t make it.

  • There are some great reviews and comments on here from the folks who had the opportunity to try out all these clubs. I am really looking forward to reading the rest of them when they get published.

  • Thanks to all the equipment companies for sending us such a great selection of items to put through the paces. I did not come looking for anything specific, but left with my Christmas list filled out anyway. Specific thanks goes out to those that sent pre-release equipment. I know that we all felt honored and fortunate to be able to have that experience. I also know that plenty of others share my excitement level over the great items we saw that we cannot yet discuss.

  • wow! how does one say a thank you large enought for it to be fully understood? it was truly amazing to see how much stuff was there and every single company that participated really stepped it up with their offerings. i can promise you that everything was hit, and it was amazing to see some jaw dropping reactions. i have absolutely no complaints with what was sent and i really appreciate the effort and trust that some companies went through to get some prerelease equipment into the hands of 50 complete strangers. i especially want to say thanks to mizuno, callaway, ping, taylormade, and cobra for sending some left handed samples. i know it’s probably a pain but it’s greatly appreciated, and believe it or not, it heavily influences my purchasing decisions.

    it was a successful demo day and i can’t wait to be a part of the next one. thanks again to everyone who participated!

  • A personal thanks to all the companies that participated in the 2010 demo day as it was an awesome day! I mean to have all these great clubs out there to experiment with, enjoy the new looks & designs, and hit them on the range was a blast! I personally wore myself out this year as I was not at the last outing. The guys at the last outing knew how to pace themselves better. We are talking about having a full day next year to demo and review. No doubt you will receive more reviews packed with info for potential cutomers.when we have more time to rest between demos. Thanks again to the compaines that brought the goods. You can expect a fair and honest review which will be the same for all companies involved. We loved the opportunity to experiment with your equipment and are eagerly awaiting what you can bring to us next year!

  • We owe THP and every single company that send equipment out a huge Thank You!! It was an amazing experience to get to try out so much gear, and having it all at once so that we could compare everything till we found something we liked!! Cannot wait till next year to do it all again!!

  • I was truly amazed at some of the great equipment coming down the pike in 2011. To have a chance to demo some pre-release gear is not something that we normally find ourselves able to do. To say it was like a bunch of kids in a candy store doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of how each and every one of those lucky enough to be in attendance felt. I think the success of this demo goes a long ways toward showing just how much of a influence everyday golfers such as ourselves can be, word of mouth long before this equipment hits the streets will only increase the amount of pre-release hype and ultimately could help increase the sales numbers for every company involved. It says a lot to me that a company is firm in their belief in their product that they’ll allow unknown testers a sneak peek at their product without the presence of sales and marketing staff, the only thing present to speak for each company was the equipment itself and in almost every case it certainly did not disappoint.

    Thanks to every company that participated!

  • The demo day segments at the THP Fall outing was an absolute blast, not to mention a huge eye opener to what all is out there that fits me and my game. I can’t say I felt overwhelmed because I went into it expecting a ton of great things to try, but found myself very excited about a lot of offerings that fit me.

    Thank You to the companies that were involved in this and for their support of THP in general.

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