THP Pre Show Driver Shoot Out – Drivers Announced

Here is the complete list of the drivers that are being entered from each company. We know that there are a few off of the list that we would have liked to be included, but sometimes deadlines and production make it nearly impossible to happen.

The Driver Entries
Taylormade – Burner Super Fast & R9 Super Tri
Nike – VR & MachSpeed
Callaway – FT Tour, Diablo Edge, Diablo Edge Tour, & FTiq
Cleveland – DST Tour & DST
Srixon – ZTX
Wilson Staff – Smooth
Bridgestone – J38
Adams – Speedline 9032 LS & Fast 10
Cobra – ZL
Ping – G15 & I15
Geek – This
Tour Edge Exotics – XCG3
Fourteen Golf – JC-909
Powerbilt – Air Force One Air Foil

With 21 drivers in the mix from 14 different companies we expect this to be an outstanding event. In case you missed some of the information regarding this Driver Shoot Out Event, here is some more information.

This is where you can read all about our Shoot Outs and what to expect in this one.

This is where you can meet each one of the 24 testers and hear what they are currently playing and a little bit about their game.

We hope that everybody enjoys each Shoot Out we do and of course if you have any questions, you can ask them here in the comments section or feel free to discuss them in our forum in our ongoing Driver Shoot Out thread.

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  • Sounds great! Almost also like THP’s own Big Break. Who’s handicapping these contestants? Will there be long drive champs in each group? Closest to the pin winner for irons? 🙂

    Reading about how all these new clubs perform might be almost as much fun as those chosen to participate in playing them. Nice job everyone!

    By the way even if there are no winners and losers and contests and such, I’m picking Tim O to win the high handicap, Chip B to win mid handicap group, and Tyler W to win the low handicap.

    LETS GET IT ON !!!!!

  • Either that top photo of all the drivers is an old one, or the list is wrong because in the photo I see a Mizuno MX-700.

    No biggie, just thought I’d point out the discrepancy.

  • It is from last year’s photo as this years is not starting for another week or so.

  • So when will the wagering commence ? 🙂

  • Good looking lineup, JB! Can’t wait to see how they stack up!

  • Looks like a great line-up. Can’t wait to see results.

    Curious what ball you’ll be using for the competition.

  • Looks like a great line-up. Can’t wait to see results.

    Curious what ball you’ll be using for the competition.

  • This will be a blast as always. I can’t wait to see these results. Good luck to all.

  • Bevo92,
    All players will be using the Bridgestone e7 golf ball which is geared for a penetrating ball flight and distance. We felt it was a good fit for this event.

    We will also be using Bushnell GPS to get accurate measurements for every single shot.

  • What about the Cobra S2

  • This just about covers all the drivers. Thanks for doing this; I will eagerly await the results.

  • Im all for the above, but not complete without the MP-630 from Mizuno, this is out soon and one to compete with the more expensive I15, VR tour and Super Tri. Will this be included?

  • Joseph,
    Mizuno has been in every shoot out we have done. They wanted to be in this one too, but were unable to get the clubs to us in time for the event. It will not be in the competition but will be reviewed as soon as we get our samples to test.

  • When is the Driver Shootout and when will the results be posted?

  • Thanks for getting back to me about the date of the shootout:(

  • Wow 8 days since any communication on this from admin??
    Looks like there is no Driver shootout afterall. GD published the 2010 Gold list, Guess that is our best resource

  • Fergie,
    Perhaps you should check out our forum. There are hundreds of posts about it and the article will be up as has been said before the PGA Show. Hence the title Pre Show Driver Shoot Out.

  • Got it..I was not aware of the info in the forum(new to site)..I stand humbled!!

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