THP Radio – adidas Golf Shoes

ITR is back this week with their weekly show and it is filled with information. THP welcomes a special guest from adidas Golf to discuss some of the latest offerings from the company as well as the technology behind comfort.

adiPure Z in Redwood

On this episode:
The launch of adiPure Z
New Traxion Lite Golf Shoe
New adidas Golf Shoe coming in 2011
How great a color is Redwood
and so much more.

As always you can listen to it streaming right here as well as download it from here. The show is also available at ITunes &

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  • Awesome show as always! The new Redwood color is AMAZING

  • Great show guys, always a favorite topic. My Fred flinstone feet let out a yelp of joy over the fabulous announcement of wider shoes!

  • Excellent show! I think I need to see that Redwood color in person because based on the pics alone I’m not loving it as much as other people seem to be. I do love all of the technology that Masun (sp?) talks about with their new products coming out. OH and CONTEST BABY! Love it!!!

  • That is a really nice brown. And I NEED brown shoes!

  • Great show and love the look of the Redwood shoes!!

  • I’m sure these shoes probably work great, but these are ugly!

  • I had to readd my comment above, administrator why did you remove my comment when I only called these shoes ugly? I said they might work, but I thought that they were ugly, what is wrong in saying that?

  • Not sure what you are talking about crazzy. Both of your comments are there and nobody has deleted anything.

    If you dont like the shoes, that is up to you of course. Many others really like them, me included.

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