THP Radio – GolfTEC Answers Reader Questions

ITR is back with their weekly show and it is filled with great information. THP welcomes GolfTEC back to the show to answer reader questions about fitting, technology, the golf swing and more.

On this episode:
Driver length and where should I be?
How much does tempo hurt or help the golf swing?
How do I know if I need a lesson or not?
And so much more

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  • Very awesome show!! Steve did a great job of painting pictures.

  • What a great show! I really like the very detailed explanation about club fitting was fantastic. Hearing him talk about that is really pushing me to get in and get a proper fitting. Thanks!!

  • Great episode. I loved hearing that Steve would rather fit someone for a club that they can learn to use and make their game better than simply the club that fits their swing at that moment in time.

  • Great show, thanks a lot guys. I love that comparison of swinging “hard” vs. swinging faster. Using less total effort is something I struggle with myself, I see these tour guys just swinging with all they have and think that I should do it too…, no I definitely shouldn’t!

  • Great show!! The section tempo was SO informative! I’ll be working on that for sure.

  • Thanks so much for answering our questions. Great stuff!

  • Very informative and I would highly recommend everyone to take a few minutes to listen to this show!

  • Great show! Lots of very useful information.

  • This was a great show!!!! I love the drill for getting into the proper position. Ill be using this asap.

  • I’m glad he mentioned the Swingyde; it’s a great training device to train your backswing most effectively. Like he said, “… extremely good…”

  • Loved it. Only negative it had to end. :-(.

  • Just getting to catch up on some shows I somehow missed, loved the thoughts on Tempo. Nick Price and Fred Couples playing the same shaft seems to be impossible, fascinating to think about. The 30% to 40% swing comment is awesome. Shaft length question and answer were very good too. I was very interested in the comment on always using a coach who uses video, my coach doesn’t and I know he has help me a ton, I need to think this one over. I think I will try the Swingyde out.

  • Another great THP radio show. Worth going back to for a listen for those who haven’t listened in a while to this one.

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