THP Radio – The Greenside – 2011 Bettinardi, SeeMore Si4 & Tiger Woods

The Greenside is back with an all new episode this month as we talk about everything short game relevant. This show is a collaboration between The Hackers Paradise & Putterzone and this episode is full of great information.

This Episode Features:
Tiger Woods makes the switch for good?
Bettinardi 2011 line of work.
SeeMore & the new Si4
And so much more

Join us for this episode of The Greenside and let us know your thoughts. You can listen by clicking play right below, or download our episodes at Itunes or under THP Radio.

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  • I’m listening to it right now and love the discussion. Another great program by THP!

  • I liked the show a lot, I really liked that even on The Greenside you’re finding time to talk TW….good stuff for sure! I really like the mini rant (if you will) that Sean went on about people saying his loves everything he reviews and almost complaining about that, his response was perfect! I feel the same when people ask me if I have ever reviewed a product I don’t love.

    The Betti line rec’d a lot of coverage and rightfully so! Very very good show guys!

  • Another great show as always, although this one seemed more comical than information based with JB looking for something Tiger lost, (on the green, lol), Sean on JB’s couch and Chef Bob, haha. Good stuff guy’s. I really would have liked to hear an expansion of your line on what makes a bad putter bad. I’ve putted with a few this year that sure didn’t click with me, but can’t really pin point why I thought it was just bad. We have dubbed this the year of the driver, but there are some pretty exciting advances in putters and putter finishes hitting the 2011 market. Great job guy’s!

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