THP Radio – adidas Golf Wear in the World Finalists

ITR is back this week with a special show introducing you to the two finalists from the amazing adidas Golf Wear in the World 2 Challenge. Come meet Steven Olsen and Chris Dukeminier as they head on their journey of challenges.

On this episode:
JB should be a winner
Following the finalists journey
Picking favorites
Why they each feel shortchanged and need the edge
and so much more.

As always you can listen to it streaming right here as well as download it from here. The show is also available at ITunes &

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  • […] Right before their journey of epic proportions started, THP had a chance to sit down with Chris and Steve and gauge their level of excitement, what their thoughts were going in, and how in the world they could be so lucky. Here is a fun interview with the two finalists before they set out on their worldwide adventure. […]

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