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THP Radio – Callaway Discusses RAZR Hawk & Diablo Octane Drivers

ITR is back with their weekly show and it is filled with great information. THP welcomes a special guest from Callaway Golf to discuss the new drivers coming out in 2011.

On this episode:
The Lamborghini partnership
JB has a man crush on a tour player
The technology behind the RAZR Hawk
What is a forged composite
The technology behind the Diablo Octane
And so much more

As always you can listen to it streaming right here as well as download it from here. The show is also available at ITunes & Podcast.com

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  • Awesome show this week guys! Thanks for coming on and sharing some insight Dan. Can’t wait to hit these drivers at the outing in May.

  • Great show! I was very impressed with the initial testing I did with the RAZR Hawk Tour. Callaway has a winner on their hands here!

  • Good show. I have to agree with JB this is the year of the drivers. It is going to be a long process to find me a driver this year.

  • Welcome to the world of man crushes! We love Alvaro!

  • “You cheated, I’ve never cheated at golf” haha, good stuff. Sounds like another very nice driver to put to the test soon, two to be exact, but that Razr Hawk is the one I really can’t wait to hit.

  • Enjoyable show and I learned a lot from the Callaway rep.

  • This site is new to me and I love it !!

  • I really want to try on of the RAZR Hawk drivers out.

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