THP Radio – Cleveland Golf Discusses Fairway Wood Technology

ITR is back with an all new episode this week as we talk with Nate from Cleveland Golf about their line of fairway woods and why they feel it is one of the best options out there for golfers of all skill levels.

This Episode Features:
Why does the Cleveland Launcher FL have 3 different lofts?
Why are golfers seeing more distance out of this FW wood compared to their current model?
How can Cleveland Golf have an aftermarket shaft as standard in this line?
What is up next for the Cleveland Golf equipment?
And much much more.

Join us for this episode of In the Rough w/ JB & GolferGal and let us know your thoughts. You can listen by clicking play right below, or download our episodes to play at a later date.

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  • I was so bummed I couldn’t join in on this show. This was a great one filled with information. I thought Nate was a great on the radio, I hope he can come back again soon and this time I will be there.

  • another awesome show, really love what cleveland is doing!!! best fairway i have ever owned!! it will be in the bag for awhile!!

  • My buddie just got one of these over the weekend. I dont think it was this model, it was a little older I think but he let me hit it and on the first swing it was straight down the middle. Super easy to swing and straight as an arrow, these new FW’s are definitely somethin im gonna have to check out.

  • Thanks for Nate from Cleveland Golf for coming on the show!

    Enjoyed hearing about the “real world” testing that was conducted at the range – does not get any more legit than that.

    So much great information from weighting to lofts to shafts. Along these same lines, I look forward to seeing how the Cleveland driver line stacks up in my upcoming driver fitting.

    Will be very interesting to see what they come out with in the fall!

  • Great show and very informative discussion. I definitely need to re-work my bag between driver and irons and Cleveland’s products are going to get a serious look when I do.

  • Very interesting to hear that so much of the design was related to driver technology. I play this is 17° and the added loft really has helped me out. I enjoyed this alot. Thanks, JB!

  • Great show, Nate is very knowledgeable and helpful with that he talks about in terms of the FWs people decide to have in their bag for various reasons. I am very excited to see what Cleveland has coming up for everyone. Great job JB and thanks Nate!

  • Great show!
    Thanks JB and Nate.
    Lots of good info and I’m very interested in the upcoming stuff from Cleveland.

  • Enjoyed the show and looking forward to the new goodies coming out this Fall!

  • A jam-packed show! I love these fairways so much. I hit the 17* model at the THP Outing this year and fell in love with it. Got it as soon as I got back home. It was so long for me that I began to have a gap between it and my 21* hybrid. The answer, the 22* 7 wood. It cuts the gap nicely and gives me a lot more options. The fairways are the real deal. I can’t fathom these being any longer and to hear that the next generation will be even longer makes me excited! Great show JB and Nate!

  • I love my FL 3-wood (15º) – It has really become a go-to club off the tee. I also have great results in the fairway/rough.

  • P.S. the streaming options don’t work for me. Also, the downloaded file is a format that none of my native clients support. Any help / suggestions?

  • SD,
    Im not sure what the issue is, streaming seems to be working for us. You may want to try a different browser.

  • Great show. I have been loving this club!

  • Enjoyed the show very much. Thanks to Cleveland for sharing all the information.

  • I’m listening to the show this morning. I always look forward to the radio shows! This one intrigues me quite a bit.

  • Great show THP and Cleveland golf. Nate really knows his stuff and exactly what Cleveland are trying to achieve with these woods. Really enjoyed listening, thanks!

  • Wow.I realized while listening I never got fitted for my woods… Great stuff

  • Very informative show as usual. Thank you!

  • Amazing! That had to be the single best show, pure information wise, that I have personally ever heard on THP Radio. Fantastic question after question that Nate explained every one in a clear and consise way that even I could understand. I had several topics to mention here after the show that really made sense to me, but kept forgetting 3 minutes later as a new topic arrived. If I had to pick one topic in there that just stuck with me it would be the fairway woods versus hybrid discussion, I just find myself wanting to go back and re-evaluate what needs to be in my bag.

    Great job JB and Nate! I come away smarter than I went in (and a lot more currious).

  • Fantastic! I kept pausing and replaying segments contemplating the information and how it might affect me.

  • Good show guys, answered a lot of my questions about the FL line.

  • Thank you to all of you for the kind comments. Please let JB know if you have any specific questions. We look forward to helping out with future shows. Best regards, Nate

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