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ITR is back with their weekly show and it is filled with great information. THP welcomes GolfTEC to the show to discuss club fitting.

On this episode:
What is club fitting?
Is it only meant for good golfers?
How should one get ready for the golf season?
How much can adjustments really change the ball flight?
And so much more

As always you can listen to it streaming right here as well as download it from here. The show is also available at ITunes &

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  • I firmly believe in club fitting.

    Had purchased a set of (quite expensive) irons last year after hitting some balls into a net at a pro shop. Went for a lesson last week as the odd shot was gently slicing/fading when I wasn’t intending this; or I was pulling the ball left.

    Turns out the clubs were: wrong flex, not long enough, too flat…

    Now am fitted properly and the difference is remarkable. Also I got a great deal on the new set as the guy doing the fitting (licensed by Mizuno) was able to get massive deals on Mizuno clubs.

    My view: It’s more important for med-high handicappers – I for instance was trying to get me hands over too much to counteract a shot that was fading right – when in fact it was the club that was causing the ball to fade…so to fix a slice I was actually trying to hook the ball!!

  • Another great episode! This just reiterated in me the absolute necessity of getting fit when I finally buy clubs this year.

  • This show comes at a great time!

    I liked his point on the mid/high handicappers as well. While it isn’t always the club, we can get so frustrated trying to fix our swing after lessons, but in reality it could be a possibility the club is the reason. I know a lot of friends who quit golf because of the frustration, I wonder what they would do if it turns out it was the equipment fit….

    I always figured have the correct lie angle was important but a 10 yard difference in direction on 2* is a huge!.

    Great show!

  • I enjoyed this show as it really explains the fitting process so everyone can understand. All bases were covered and anyone interested in a proper fitting, should bookmark this for future reference.

  • Great show…I am one of the prime examples of someone who buys equipment off the rack and has never been fitted. I recognize the need, but have trouble adding the extra cost of the fitting on to the retail prices of the clubs being purchased. One of several places I really just need to suck it up and do it right (at least once).

  • Great listen! I was fit by GolfTec a couple of years ago and firmly believe in their product. Anyone who is serious about golf should look into fittings if they haven’t already.

  • Great show!! Gave me some great info.

  • Great show that gives some great insight into club fitting and how detailed it can be. I will definitely get the complete fit when i purchase new irons.

  • That was a great show! Im having major problems right now and that definitely gave me some valuable info. Im one of the timid ones to hit in front of people I dont know so its kind of a relief to hear him say not to worry and just makes you feel at ease about it.

  • Great show. I didn’t think it would be worthwhile for a high handicapper to get fitted.

  • Good episode on fitting. The lie angle example is one reason I feel that I need to get fitted, and soon! I think the length of the club can be manipulated by choking down, but the lie angle can’t be fudged. I have resisted getting fitted, but I see that it is pretty important. Doug made me see the light. Thanks!

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