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ITR is back this week with their weekly show and it is filled with information. THP welcomes a special guest from GolfTEC to discuss the brand as a whole and learn how they are helping golfers everywhere.

On this episode:
THP & GolfTEC are partners
GolfTEC philosophy on instruction
What comes first, instruction or fitting
How should a beginning golfer or high handicap golfer go about getting better
And so much more

As always you can listen to it streaming right here as well as download it from here. The show is also available at ITunes &

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  • Really great show guys. Love all the instruction talk. One thing though, they need to change the name away from shankboard. That word should never be used. lol

  • That was informative. I think I may get a pass to the Golftec near me for the winter to keep playing and hitting balls.

  • I just signed up for lessons based on the stuff I found here and the feedback others were giving. This just made me glad I did so. I think that for us living up north they offer a service that can really help me get through the winter. As a beginning golfer, I dont want to take 4 months off only to forget everything I have learned.

  • I liked the show, but would have preferred if some prices were discussed. I am finding that each store seems to offer some different deals, so check that stuff out if you have a few in your area.

  • Thanks to everyone for the comments and to Golfer Gal and JB for a great show. timmah, we hope you enjoy your lessons during the cold winter months!

    @Mike- GolfTEC lessons range from $42 to $73 per lesson. Improvement programs and plans are available at all Centers and pricing varies slightly by market. Right now the GolfTEC Holiday Sale is going on! Check out for the discounts.

  • LOL, JB. Love the request to model your swing after Furyk.

  • Ive been following some forum threads on people going to golftec and liking it and now I think I will take the plunge. Love the info on “memberships”.

    LOL shankboard.

  • Awesome show. I just signed up and cannot wait to get started. Love THP for turning me on to this.

  • Awesome show, we have a GolfTec here in Sioux Falls and I’ve been interested yet haven’t gone, that is going to change now!!

  • I’ve been taking lessons at Golftec since early September and highly recommend it. Being able to take lessons and practice during the cold weather months is really improving my game.

  • I have a question for golftec. You say that you use everybody’s different swing type and build them differently, but it seems like the people I talk to say that it is one swing fits all. Also, people say that you completely take golf swings apart. Is that just for really high handicaps? It seems like the people who get the most improvement are the +30 handicap people. What can you do for people who are a bit lower handicap and don’t want to take their swing apart? These are not meant to be derrogatory (or however you spell it, lol) statements at all. I’m actually almost ready to buy lessons, I was just wondering about these questions. Thanks for reading and have a good day!

  • I really enjoyed this show. As someone that went to Golftec for a while, I got a lot out of it. After reading so much on the forum about it, I think its time for a fitting too.

  • @gbigoose1: Great questions. While the GolfTEC technology is used at every Improvement Center around the country, each Coach develops a specific game plan based on client goals. Sometimes this requires more work by rebuilding the client’s swing. In other cases, a lower handicap client might only be interested in fixing a single swing “miss” and will work on that with their Coach. You’re right, it’s easier to go from 100 to 90 than from 80 to 78, but GolfTEC helps players of all levels, including several people who have qualified for professional playing events on every major tour in the US. It’s not a band-aid approach, solid fundamentals will lead to better golf for the rest of your life, not just for this weekend.

    In addition to golf goals, a Coach will consider where you are in the golf season. Like Alex said above, NOW is the time for swing change, practice and golf lessons. A GolfTEC Coach won’t change your game before your club tournament or member-guest event. At that time you might work on course management, take a playing lesson or talk short game.

    That was a long response but we wanted to be sure all of your questions were answered because they are great things to know before you buy! Please let us know if you have any other questions or interests regarding the GolfTEC process.

  • Thanks alot, I think I’m going to buy one of the smaller packages and if all goes well maybe extend that to a bigger one. Thanks

  • @gbigoose1- Great! You also might have seen our earlier post, but the Holiday Improvement Packages are a nice option to get you started as they include a one hour Swing Evaluation plus follow up lessons. Check ’em out at

  • I enjoyed the show very much, just wish there were a center close to me. Thanks for the information.

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