THP Radio – Harry Arnett From Callaway Golf Answers Your Questions

ITR is back this week with the latest episode of THP Radio with special guest Harry Arnett from Callaway Golf. Harry is here to discuss the latest in the golf industry and answer your questions.

In This Episode
#TheKing & #TheGrandaddy
What is the 5 year war?
Who came up with the idea for a Tank at the PGA Show?
And so much more…

Join us this week for this episode of ITR by downloading below or clicking play and streaming right from THP.

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  • Another fantastic listen! Loved Harry kicking it off with the excuse for GG not being available.

    Great info about the 5 year war and then the tank acquiring effort by Johnny.

    Harry mentioned wanting to be the most connected and engaging and they have accomplished that many times over in my opinion.

    Harry vs Chad will be awesome, gonna be a crazy fun event for all of those participating. Harry’s gonna stack his team but I don’t blame him one bit. 🙂

    I enjoyed Harry’s thoughts on HackGolf, made some very solid points.

  • Perhaps my favorite podcast ever! Great insight along with humor like only Harry can pull off (i.e. interjecting “hoping to have Chad evolve into something useful” into his discussion of Callaway’s goals for improvement. Loved the whole show.

  • I love listening to these, especially with Harry. It’s great to hear his thoughts and opinions. Hearing him talk about engagement or connecting is great to hear from within a golf company! I love hearing some of the banter type things between him and Chad.

  • Great segment, really enjoyed the HackGolf comments as well. I honestly don’t think shooting in the 70’s means as much if the game were skewed to make it easier. Its about the work you put in, and the journey you take, to be able to shoot that score.

    Harry is always a great guest!

  • Always love listening to Harry talk. It was an absolute pleasure being able to shake his hand and thank him for all that he does for us. Harry is an amazing person and I really hope I can get the chance to hang out with him and the rest of the #zoocrew sometime soon.

    Great podcast and enjoyed the wide range of topics! Can’t wait until Harry is back on again!

  • Great listen right there. Harry as a father figure, that’s a scary thought.

  • Outstanding edition of THP Radio.

    I want a tank. #MorningCommute #ProblemSolved

    Callaway Golf just continue to Do the Voodoo that You Do So Well!

    Awesome Products, Awesome People and Awesome Approach.


  • Parents expectations not being met, poor Chad. Targets being acquired, no repeat! Mopeds rock and the Hackcore is solid. Thanks for a great listen!

  • GReat interview and as always Harry’s enthusiasm is awesome.

  • Just caught up on the show! Love when you 2 get together! Thanks!

  • Most engaged and connected company? Yeah I think they are there. Callaway is awesome.

  • Outstanding humor. It would be a blast to work with that guy. Makes me look at Callaway differently.

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