THP Radio – Harry Arnett From Callaway Talks About The Landscape Of Golf

ITR is back this week with another jam packed show featuring Harry Arnett from Callaway Golf. Last month, Harry was kind enough to come on and discuss Callaway Golf equipment and the birth of the Grandaddy golf event. Well he is back and he is as uncensored as ever talking about every topic under the sun.

This Episode Features:
How Ideas Come To Be?
How is the golf industry doing as a whole?
The Tiger Woods impact on golf sales.
Who is playing for Team Callaway in the Grandaddy?
How Ultimate Club Testing at THP came to be.
Versa and Putters in general.
The year of golf for the consumer and how it has been.
How are golf club releases done and when should they be done?
How long does it take HashtagChad to get ready in the morning?
And so much more…

Join us for this episode of In the Rough w/ JB & GolferGal and let us know your thoughts. You can listen by clicking play right below, or download our episodes by right clicking to play at a later date.

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  • Harry is hilarious, “he crumbled like 3 day old cake” and then JB comes back with “every time I tune in the #zoocrew has grown, you’re like rabbits over there”. Great stuff.
    The Ultimate Testing filled up in something like 2 seconds, wow.
    It seems that the “5 year war” is going according to plan, Callaway has certainly changed my perception of the company in a relatively short time period of 6 months.
    Everyone should be excited as to what happens with our members in August at the Ultimate Club Testing, Harry set that up perfectly with his tease at the end.
    Great early morning listen, thanks.

  • Brilliant! 30 minutes is just not enough. Listening to these segments you can feel the energy and enthusiasm throughout Callaway in Harry’a voice! And as expected full of little teasers, a little banter and a whole lot of over confidence in his zoo crew. Unfortunately that confidence will be their demise!

  • Ultimate Club Testing cannot get here fast enough. Can’t wait to see what they up their sleeves for us.

  • I find the discussions with people from the industry (and Harry is definitely atop the list) to be absolutely fascinating. I could listen to the banter all day long and not get bored. Thank you THP and Harry!

  • One of the best ITR’s to date. thanks for taking the time Harry. Always interesting to hear some of the behind the scenes info and what is going on in the industry as a whole.

  • I love listening to Harry Arnett interviews. Good job JB.

  • Total head nod when Harry said “the new product needs to be better than the previous product, or you are going to lose brand equity”. Too many companies fall into the lull of “people will buy whatever, because we are __________”. Glad Harry and the folks from Callaway recognize, we as consumers do know our stuff and we will always hold you accountable.

    Great stuff, JB and Harry!

  • Great interview and insight into one of the industry leaders and how they want to make themselves better. Fine listen!

  • Great show JB & Harry! I like how Harry mentioned how well not only Callaway hit the road running in 2013 but also how the other OEM’s are bringing the goods this year. Tremendous growth in the golf industry with everyone bringing awesome new products this year. It’s a win/win for everyone!

  • Great stuff! New tech never seen before?! Is the Grandaddy really 6 more months away?! Can’t wait!

  • I think I could listen to Harry talk golf for hours. He just might be the Lee Trevino in the OEM business. Stories to tell and has a way in telling ’em.

    Just out of prototype club(s) for the Orlando 16! Sweet!! So great.

    Can’t believe Harry didn’t take advantage of the putter talk segment to continue his #Tankification of the world

  • “I don’t see us losing a point”. – says Harry. It becomes obvious listening to this what exactly is legal for use in California.

    Cool to hear about how they are seriously preparing for the event including the fact that their team is not yet set. Little qualification underway.

    So who are the parent rabbits? Someone has been flipping busy.

    Jealous of the folks hitting El Campeon….not even close to embargo and THP’ers get to review it after spending a weekend with Callaway. Incredible.

    Enjoyed hearing Harry’s thoughts on the golf market and how it is being monitored daily and the price drops. He also nailed it by calling Versa “iconic”, amazing what Callaway/Odyssey have been able to achieve with such a new release. Tour acceptance leads to consumer acceptance and sales.

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