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THP Radio’s In the Rough with JB & Golfer Gal is back again this week with a show that we think our listeners will really enjoy. JB & Golfer Gal have a show that is full of some great information on a variety of topics. Of course we will be kicking off this week’s show by announcing the winner of our Taylormade Rossa Tour Issue Kia Ma Putter.

We are also discussing equipment this week in the form of golf balls. We are talking about finding the right golf ball, and we could not do that without having the experts on. So THP got 2 interviews from the industry experts to come on our show and talk golf balls. You will not want to miss either one of those as we take you “inside the ropes” of how and why certain balls get made and of course talk about finding the right ball for each person.

Golfer Gal was also happy this week as we got to touch a little bit on the world of style and give everybody a sneak peek into our upcoming Spring Fashion Preview. We will discuss the brands involved and talk a little bit more about them. Let us know your thoughts either in the form of comments below, or in the THP Forum in our radio section where we will also have the question of the week.

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  1. CSU Guy says:

    Great show guys. The sound quality was excellent and love hearing from both people in the industry.

  2. Mike the golfer says:

    Really liked hearing from the golf ball experts. It makes me think that I need to consider a fitting.

  3. TheDue says:

    Now that was really good. Without taking anything away from the fashion segment, which did a great job of letting everyone know a little about the individual styles from companies out there, the ball segment was fantastic.

    Thanks for the great show, looking forward to the next installment.


  4. The Geezer says:

    I got a schooling on golf balls. Very well done and loved the information. The new studio and music sound great as well.

  5. I’m really looking forward to the Spring Fashion Preview – sounds very exciting!

  6. itsbarker says:

    I really liked the golf ball portion. I used to buy my golf balls on popularity alone. Since my Bridgestone fitting that changed and it helped my game. If you blend the fitting data with your feel and spin preference around the green, you will improve.

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