THP Radio – In the Rough W/ JB & Golfer Gal – Jeff Ritter

THP Radio’s In the Rough with JB & Golfer Gal is back again this week with a show that we think our listeners will really enjoy. JB & Golfer Gal have a show that is full of some great information from one of the top 100 golf instructors in the country. Jeff Ritter is joining us this week and answered some of the burning questions of our listeners on how to help their game.

Jeff answers questions such as:
Fixing the slice.
Who has the best swing on tour?
What would be his Sunday outfit?
Short Game.

JB & Golfer Gal also discuss Jeff’s new book that is sure to have you laughing, with a name like “Your Kid Ate A Divot”, what more do you have to say.

And of course we kind of announce another great THP Contest. So join us for this episode with the wonderful Jeff Ritter.

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  • Great show! I wasn’t sure how well golf instruction would come across via radio, but it was very effective.

  • Great show and I enjoyed listening to him a lot. I am in AZ, and might even look him up for lessons after looking at his site. I agree with the last commenter about whether or not it would come through okay on the radio, but it was great.

  • Really liked the show guys. I did not know of Jeff Ritter before, but found him very interesting and far more than I expected.

  • Loved the show and will definitely buy the book. Just the motivation I need to get out there and feel good again about my game.

  • best show yet! GG, you and JB seem like you are getting more and more comfortable and i especially enjoyed the ribbing going on between the two of you this week.

    Jeff seems like a great guy. he was just fun, he answered all the questions and is full of great information.

  • Great show. What’s in store for next week?

  • GC,
    We talk about it at the end of the show. We will be at Doral next week bringing you the action from the PGA Tournament.

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