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The birth of THP Radio is here with our flagship show In the Rough W/ JB & Golfer Gal. Join us as we talk about everything in the world of golf and kick off the new “radio channel” in style. You can download it right from here to listen to later, or hit play and listen now. This show will be coming at you each week and you will not want to miss a single episode.

Volume 1 covers a little bit of everything as we talk Driver Shoot Out, PGA Show, Best & Worst Dressed on Tour, and more.

Here is a teaser for all of our loyal fans out there. Volume 2 out next week includes an interview with LPGA Star Natalie Gulbis. You will not want to miss that one for sure. In the meantime, listen to JB & Golfer Gal banter about the world of golf and let us know your thoughts.

THP has setup a special section of the forum for everybody to give us their feedback on In the Rough W/ JB & Golfer Gal as well as the new shows that we will be adding soon.

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  1. tcalloway1 says:

    this was a lot of fun to listen to. well done, can’t wait to tune in next week.

  2. Style Guy says:

    Absolutely loved it and can’t wait for Natalie next week. You mention in the show that other shows are coming up? When is that taking place?

  3. Admin says:

    The new shows will be announced in our forum in the THP Radio section in the next few weeks.

  4. Mike the golfer says:

    This was a lot of fun guys. Looking forward to it each and every week.

  5. Jimmy Mac says:

    Really enjoyed the flow you guys have. Looking forward to next week and Natalie.

  6. courtgolf says:

    Ernie Els and khaki’s ? Did you guys not notice the translucent white pants in Hawaii and northern Africa ??

  7. Administrator says:

    We noticed. We also went back and looked through images of his last 41 rounds and over 35 of them were in khakis

  8. Curtis Strange Fan says:

    Awesome show guys.

  9. Joe says:

    great first show guys. cannot wait to here more.

  10. el diablo says:

    I really like what you guys have going here. I loved the segment on best and worst dressed and thought you guys were dead on. The Ernie and Karrie thing was hysterical.

  11. Golf Chick says:

    Great show!! You two have nice voices 🙂

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