THP Radio – JB’s Food Challenge

ITR is back with their weekly show and it is filled with great information. THP welcomes a guest host and a food challenge

On this episode:
JB has a food challenge in front of him
Talk of the Masters
2011 THP Outing & Demo Day is right around the corner
THP vs the LPGA…How did they fare
And so much more

As always you can listen to it streaming right here as well as download it from here. THP Radio shows are also available at ITunes.

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  • Great stuff guys! Glad that Ryan was able to join the show this week; nice touch. JB needs committment!!! haha

  • Great show. Really good job Ryan and GG.

    JB should have gone with the 4 burgers, fries, and nuggets. The variety would have given you the win.

  • hawk has radio personality skillz… jb you coulda powered thru it lol

  • Great show!!! Hawk you seem like a natural behind the mic. Looking foward to the outing next month!!

  • Great job GG and Hawk. JB couldn’t get it done.

  • Awesome show, I think the first THP Radio I ever listened to was the first food challenge.

  • Haha, this was a very entertaining episode of ITR. Valiant effort but alas no dice. Meat sweats followed by meat rage gotta love it. This years outing and demo day sounds like it’s going to be a fantastic time, especially for one very lucky THP’er that will be walking away with that beautiful custom NC Gambler.

  • Nice show! I really loved the food challenge. This really got me extra excited for the outing!

  • That was a Great Show.Hawk Is a Natural for the Radio Show.JB The ale was not a good idea pal. I was so excited to hear all about the THP Outing. (Even though I’m not going to be there ) Hey do you need an Equipment Manager/Security for that weekend? I could volunteer my services…… ; )

  • Great show guys/gal! I loved hearing Hawk behind the mic and I think he did a great job. JB, will there be another go at the 6??? LOL. I kid.

  • great show! i was pulling for ya JB – food coma is the worst.

    nice job Hawk – sounded like you had done that 100 times.

    I like how JB kept throwing out opinions in the background lol.


  • I’m a big fan of these funny shows! Hawk my man, you were awesome! Sad to see JB not finish his challenge, but I’m sure it was no picnic. Funniest moment: JB from the background: “Tiger’s back!” Classic!!

  • Great show guys!! Hawk has a smooooooth radio voice. Even Ellie got into the show with the squeaky toy

  • Great Show Hawk, JB, GG. The squeaky toy was hilarious lol, JB be proud you made it that far with the burgers, thats allot!

  • Just listened to this show last night from Itunes. Very entertaining show. Hawk I agree with the thoughts that have been mentioned and you have a voice for radio. You sounded like that was not your first rodeo. Also what the heck was JB thinking eating all of that other stuff and drinking so much ginger ale. JB that probably was not the best preparation but he you lost to your wife so it is not terrible. Loved the convo about the Masters and the upcoming demo day at the outing. Keep up the good work guys!

  • Great show. I love how GG, the master of the wheat bun, was giving food challenge advice…lol.

    JB, disappointed bro, never surrender and bad on you for the beverage choice!

  • Another show that could have used video! Ryan filled in adequately for JB. Wish JB could have proved the doubters wrong and succeded in the challenge. I hope this isn’t the last food challenge. This should be done every six months or so.

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