THP Radio – Odyssey DART Putters

ITR is back with their weekly show and it is filled with great information. THP welcomes Odyssey to the show to discuss the new D.A.R.T. line of putters.

On this episode:
How did DART technology come to be?
How can DART technology help the average golfer?
What goes in to making an insert?
What type of success has Odyssey been seeing on the PGA Tour?
What is the next putter we will see from Odyssey?
And so much more

As always you can listen to it streaming right here as well as download it from here. THP Radio shows are also available at ITunes.

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  • Just finished listening to this show. I think it’s absolutely AWESOME that you are able to get the manufacturers on the show to talk about their product. I am a big fan of alignment and enjoyed listening to how the DART concept came to be and how it works at setup. Also love the extreme look of this line – look forward to giving one a roll next time I am in a store. And I agree with what Pelz said to Chris – 3 foot putter is probably the scariest shot in all of golf.

  • Thanks to Chris for coming on and sharing some information and more details with us! Great show.

  • This was a great show. Easily one of my favorites ever.

  • More than just a name. The hard part for me would be getting use to looking at the larger body having used Anser’s for so long. I’m very interested in trying the backstryke version though. Interesting to hear their thoughts on the sound of the Dart insert and what sound means to a guy like Phil on tour.

    I’m going to try and locate one of these in my area tomorrow to give it a try.

  • That was a Great Show. I had a Backstryke. Thanks Chris for all the great info on DART.

  • Great show JB, Chris did a great job as well, very informative

  • I think Chris was a great interview. I loved how explained the DART theory. I couldn’t help but laugh when he was talking about making fun of the guys in the lab. He’s right about one thing, I didn’t love the 2 ball look when it came out but it grew on me, I’m sure the DART probably will too.

  • Chris did an amazing job. Loved hearing about the background and it just makes so much sense after using it. Proud to be reppin Callaway/Odyssey at the Morgan Cup. Anyone in the market for a putter needs to look at the D.A.R.T series. Its amazing how much it helps. Can’t wait to see the black version!!!

  • wow i had no idea it was called Direction and Re-Alignment Technology. That is pure genius!

    Great show fellas, i loved reading about the competition’s weapons haha

  • Great how. It’s amazing how much technology goes into these putters. It seems like they put as much time and effort into the sound and feel off the face as they do the alignment technology. The concept of the arrow really intrigues me.

    Four years in the making of this design? wow!

  • Just getting around to listening to this one.

    I’m not a fan of the DART technology, but I seem to be in the minority. It’s helped one of my buddies out tremendously. Great to hear of all of the technology behind it.

    I really enjoyed this radio show! Nice work everyone.

  • I played around with the DART a couple of months ago and it wasn’t my favorite. Didn’t fit my eye. I own a couple of Odysseys, but the DART isnt my for me. I love hearing about the theories and tech that goes into this stuff though.

  • Awesome show JB….Chris has a great way to make the technology very easy to understand!

  • Yet another excellent chat with JB and Callaway/Odyssey. Love the nicknames for the putter guys!

    Even though heel shafted mallets aren’t my thing, I can’t believe how many 10 footers and in I was nailing with it. Odyssey definately has a winner on their hands here.

  • Just finished this show, great listen. I should mention that I placed on order just now for a Backstryke DART. I have very little will power when it comes to things that can really help me game.

  • My favorite show ever, so much information packed into one episode. Two things really stuck out, first and foremost was how Chris explained the technology and why it works, not just saying it’s new and better. Second I’m intrigued to see where the DART technology appears next in the bag…

  • You guys really made me want to test this one out! Loved the marxman mini, and hopefully this one too!

  • Simply amazing show. Great questions JB and Chris is simply awesome. I am so proud to be representing this company in the Morgan Cup. This was so much information I had to listen to it twice. Can’t wait to hear more from them!

  • Learned a lot. Thanks for the show!

  • Great show, Chris really did a great job and you could tell that he really loved talked about the product! I didn’t realize that Keegan Bradley and Paul Goydos played DART putters on tour. I have a DART and I love it so far, I think it’s only a matter of time until we see more of these on Tour, just like the 2-ball at first just like Chris said.

    Again, great show keep up the good work!

  • This was a great interview. 4 years is a long time for R&D. I absolutely love the DART Backstryke. Might have to pick one up one of these days.

  • Really good interview. It’s great to get the story of how these clubs come to be.

  • I really like the Dart mallet putters. I can’t wait to try them at the outing.

  • Great show JB !
    I really like the looks of the Backstryke Dart.
    It’s terrific to hear from the industry experts on the equipment and it’s technologies and developements.
    Please don’t use GG as a measuring stick for putts. 🙂

  • great, great show. i love the background of the gestalt psychology and the examples used. very well done and makes it easy to understand.

  • Another great show! It’s amazing how that little arrow on the top can make such a big difference! I haven’t rolled a DART putter yet, but they are at the top of the list for me!

  • I always hated three foot putts. Good to know I’m not alone! I’ve never used an Odyssey putter of any kind. I think I might want to check out a Backstryke since it has the closest thing to a center shaft, which is what I love.

    Great off the cuff reference to the designers. Loved the nerds comment! The extension of the arm description makes a lot of sense. I feel that way about the putter I use.

    After this show, I must say that I am going to give them a test the next time I am in a golf shop. Thanks to Chris for coming on and talking about the DART technology.

  • What a great guest host. This guy has so much knowledge about putters. I have to say that this episode made me want to get a DART putter more than I should be allowed to. Man THP has done what I thought was impossible. You have turned me into a club ho. You can just start calling me OEM Teeth now =). But seriously this was a great episode!

  • There was a very similar cheap design to the DART in the early 90’s. It was sold mostly at Walmart and Big % Sports for $30. I tried the DART at a recent demo day, and there is no comparison between the two brands except one. The Odyssey has a great insert,first class metal and construction along with adjustable weight and a great grip. But what it does share with that old $30 putter is the dart pointer style aiming and alignments system. It just doesn’t work on any putt if the hole and ball are not in your complete Peripheral vision. The middle line is great for set up, but there are not other parallel lines to help assure the path is direct to the spot you want. Almost all modern putters,even blades will give you a center line and 2 other parallel references or lines for accuracy. The DART is great in close say 6 to 8 feet, any longer and you will miss more 9+ footers than ever, but the lag fell is excellent and very consistent. The problem is that on the backstroke the angled lines of the dart shape make you loose or question if you are on path, and on the forward stroke its even worse, and you find your self adjusting the face angle all to often at impact. I watched dozen of guys try out this putter on a flat 15 footer on the demo green. It was real ugly only 2 guys drop one in and the rest were left or right of the cup anywhere from 8″ to 3 feet. The big sellers and the best results were the HGX 2 ball, #7 and #9. By the way my $30 version, along with 2 of my partners that we bought at the same time are at the bottom of Lake Mered by Harding GC in San Francisco. Got scuba gear go for it, but my guess is this DART will be a flop and be online for $59 in 8 months to a year.

  • Wow, that is quite an impressive stat, 96% of the pro’s make puts 5 ft or in. I know I’m nowhere near that percentage. Great info. this just made me schedule some time to try out the DART putters.

  • Just finished listening to this again. What a great radio show full of info about the DART technology.

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