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ITR is back with an all new episode this week as we talk with Odyssey Golf about their 2012 line and the innovation that is put into it.

This Episode Features:
What is Metal-X?
Is it being used on tour?
How do I figure out which one is right for me?
And much much more.

Join us for this episode of In the Rough w/ JB & GolferGal and let us know your thoughts. You can listen by clicking play right below, or download our episodes to play at a later date.

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  1. ddxu says:

    I love the ability to download this in m4a format, makes it easy to listen to on the way to work.

  2. Cookie says:

    Thanks to Austy with Odyssey Golf for joining the show while GG preps for the outing! I appreciated the description of the Metal-X as I really had no idea it had both polymer & aluminum. I like the fact of trying to deliver us something that enhances the acoustic aspect of the putter as I like to use that in knowing how well I am rolling the ball.

    I really did not realize just how much tour players had jumped into using these, impressive to say the least and quite telling how solid of a product this is.

    Good dialogue about the fitting, crazy to think so many of us get fit for nearly every club except the putter when it is the club we use the most, without a doubt.

    There has been lots of hype on the forum as of late about the Metal-X and combined with this show, I am really looking forward to hopefully rolling these at Grand Cypress next week.

    Another great radio show THP – getting info directly from the OEM’s better than anyone else does!!

  3. ddxu says:

    “Good feel never gets old” Beyond the obvious punchline, this is what jumped out to me in the discussion. I am glad he openly said that old isnt necessarily bad, really gives him more credibility (IMO) than just praising the newest product line and saying it beats all other previous putters for all golfers. I would like to see a special pink finish for the breast cancer fundraising push, but I can see how expensive it would be to do a custom released like that.

  4. GrantD says:

    Great show! I really like the feel of the Metal X. I rolled one the other day at Dick’s and thought it had a nice feel to it. I am looking forward to getting one on the putting green at the outing next week. Thanks Austy for joining the show.

  5. TheDue says:

    Nice show, it’s pretty neat getting to hear straight from the designer, thanks Austy. I’ve yet to try the Metal-X putter and hope to soon, but the show really highlighted several unique moves by Odyssey. The layering methods for one and the sort of milling without milling.

    How cool would it be to design putters, lol. Color, material, feel, sound, glare and a thousand other small yet important points of touch.

  6. Paulo says:

    Yet another great episode of ITR.

    Thanks, really enjoyed listening to this. Big thanks to Austy from Odyssey for joining in and bringing the knowledge! I had no idea what the insert was made of up until now, and to hear him talk about how they try to evolve the product line was pretty cool.

  7. Puttin4Bird says:

    Great interview and tons of very solid information on this putter. I was absolutely floored with the feel when I rolled a few putts with it earlier this week. I can’t wait until next week to get some work in with it on the practice green. PS- I loved you interrupting him a few times. Pretty funny.

  8. TripleBogieTim says:

    Great Episode!! Big thanks to Austy for filling in for Golfer Gal and give us the inside scoop on the Metal X putters! As a Callaway Staffer for the Morgan Cup I was very interested to hear all the details on this new insert. I have already rolled most of these and was very impressed and I will be rolling a Metal X putter for the Morgan Cup in July!

  9. Smallville says:

    Excellent show with some timely information for me. Since putters will be the next thing on our order list, this couldn’t have come at a better time.

  10. 10YardDraw says:

    Another great show! I really want to get out and roll one of these as it sounds awesome. Odyssey has always made some fantastic putters and im sure this one is as well. I really like the idea of this insert.

  11. SW says:

    Very cool show, from the sounds of it Austy was the designer on the Metal-X? If so, that man deserves a bonus, great job on the insert!

  12. d_in_la says:

    Thanks for the detail on what makes this putter different. I’m definitely curious to understand how this translates to my game, my stroke. Definitely on my want list. Well done, JB and Austy.

  13. ghsace says:

    I just listened to this again. I can not wait to get my Metal X # 7 for the Morgan Cup!!

  14. Pmoa says:

    Great show and information about Metal X. This is the first radio show I listened to and now I am listening to these on my iPhone in m4a format. Thanks THP

  15. Michael Radenheimer says:

    Good show. Too bad I had to infect my PC with Apple Failtime, in order to listen.

    THP: Khaot1c

  16. Yoccos says:

    Great show JB. These putters really have my attention as well. Such a sweet sound and feel to them. Very cool hearing the backstory and liked the part where you were getting into what drove the darker color.

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