THP Radio – Shaft Expert Answers Reader Questions

ITR is back this week with their weekly show and it is filled with information. THP welcomes special guest Tim Gillis from Miyazaki Golf Shafts to the show this week to answer reader questions on everything in the world of golf equipment.

On this episode:
How can you get fit for a shaft
The artwork of Miyazaki
Is going lightweight the answer
and so much more.

As always you can listen to it streaming right here as well as download it from here. The show is also available at ITunes &

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  • Admin — I enjoyed the shaft show however I am still a bit unsure about the lighter newer shafts. I like to feel the club and I loose tempo with the lighter shaft. I am still very interested in the older Miyazaki shafts and look frowarded to trying a few of these shafts in my R9 Tri….. What are some of the weight specs for the prior model Miyazaki shafts. Do they go up to a 70 gram shaft in the Reg flex?

  • Gray Golfer,
    A proper fitting will tell you what your numbers are on both lighter and heavier. The new C. Kua line is the lighter line as has been discussed on this show. You can check out the previous Miyazaki show to hear about the original line. Miyazaki has MANY configurations as part of International Flex Code, so we try not to just say R flex or S flex. All shafts are not created equally in flex. Check the Miyazaki site by clicking the banner to the right and see if there is a fitter in your area.

  • Sounds like a plan to me. Thanks for the followup! I could wait until September and try the shaft down there. It sounds like you will have quite the setup, shaffts, to use a lanch moniter etc. to get the optimum fit.. I may hit Setho’s a few times today, however his specs may not be the sam , as what would work best for me.

  • […] To learn more about the new shafts from Miyazaki called the C. Kua line, check out the recent THP Radio Show featuring Miyazaki and listen to Tim Gillis from the company answer forum member questions. You can listen to it here. […]

  • […] Ok, full disclosure here. Initially I was a skeptic when it came to the benefits of shafts, shaft fittings, etc. I mean, how much of a difference could a shaft really make for one’s game? Um, a lot actually. In talking with other forum members on THP I’ve realized how closed minded I was and now I’m a believer in the concept and process. Halleluiah! I wish I’d had this revelation before. After hitting this shaft I’m on a mission to change out the shafts in my woods and hybrids. It’s such an awesome feeling to see technology work for you so don’t make the same mistake I did, check out to see if a shaft change can help your game. If so, have the C. Kua on your short list. For more information check out THP Radio where they talked with Tim Gillis from Miyazaki. […]

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