THP Radio – The Dean Has Spoken – Volume 1

THP Radio is coming back with a bang in 2016 and today it is kicking off with a new show called The Dean Has Spoken. Tackling on demand audio for the world of golf like never before, each episode will be filled with controversial topics where both sides will be presented and the Dean of THP will sound off on them.

Five Topics
Ten Arguments
Only One Right Answer


This Episode
Staff bags for golfers not on tour
GPS vs Laser
Jordan Spieth vs The Field
Simulator Golf vs The Real Thing
Equipment Release Cycles
2016 Masters Contest
And so much more

Join us by listening below, or as always you can find us on iTunes at The Hackers Paradise.

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  • Great listen. I agree with Deans take on the topics. The contests from the PGA show sounds awesome and cool, but the Masters contest and prize is epic

  • I enjoyed the show. Interesting thoughts on GPS V. Rangefinder. I’m definatley going to need to learn periscope before next week. Great job guys!

  • Good stuff, lots of quality discussion and I definitely agreed with the Dean on just about everything.

  • Great listen!
    this was a great idea, and one that was pulled off rather well.

    I will be tuning in for future episodes!

  • Great show fellas. Very interesting takes on all of the subjects. The Masters contest sounds fantastic and I’m really looking forward to the PGA show coverage.

    The Dean has spoken !

  • That was great, all of his answers were spot on & the Master’s contest is crazy good.
    Great job.

  • Good stuff Dean and JB! Great 1st show.

  • Great first show! It was a lot of fun to listen to and I enjoyed the format. I think there are tons of topics for this and I can’t wait to hear more.

    What an announcement on that Masters contest, WOW!!!!!!

  • Glad this is back, was a great first listen and the content was GREAT!

  • Awesome first radio show Dean. Masters contest and prize, OH MY GOODNESS! It was a fun listen. Look forward to the next show.

  • Very glad to have this back. A lot of great talk on this episode.

  • Great stuff, Dean. The staff bag thing never bothered me, though it’s funny when the game doesn’t match the style. I don’t think we are there with Speith vs the field yet with the likes of Day and McIlroy playing at such a high level. Looking forward to the next show.

  • That was a good listen. I’m glad to see THP Radio back in action!

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