THP Radio – The Golf Swing w/ GolfTEC

ITR is back with their weekly show and it is filled with great information. THP welcomes GolfTEC to the show to discuss the science of the golf swing and how to fix those flaws.

On this episode:
How to fix that slice.
How important is weight shift?
What does it mean to swing with your arms?
That popular swing that everybody is talking about “stacking” weight and does it really work?
And so much more

As always you can listen to it streaming right here as well as download it from here. THP Radio shows are also available at ITunes.

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  • What a timely radio show!! Someone must have seen my swing lately….

    There are some great, simple thoughts that were shared that can assist with the common slice. I also enjoyed hearing about the “Stack & Tilt” method and why it may/may not work for everyone.

    Thanks to Steve from GolfTec for coming on and to THP for another great show!

  • Great show! I really enjoyed it and will try some of the short game tips out next time I am at the range. I really enjoyed that show.

  • Great show so far. Best radio show on THP imo.

  • That show was like you guys were talking to me. I’m going to have to listen a few more times. Alot of information, so I know I had to miss some vital info. Will be listening again and taking some notes. Great job guys. Thanks Steve, I love GOLF TEC.

  • Great session. good info for all of us

  • Wow. That show was just packed with information. Great job.

    Good comments and info on improving the short game. I have often overlooked putting as being part of the short game. I do agree that learning how to swing and hit the ball well is the first thing that is most important to become a good golfer. The short game is how you score low. I’m quickly finding that out.

  • I loved this show. Anytime you can work the word broached into a show, it’s a good show!

    I think it’s very easy to lose your audience in a show like this and I think it was handled really well. Thoroughly enjoyed this show and even replayed some items to make sure I caught everything!

    Great tips on ways to use your practice time.

    I’d love to have Steve as my coach. I can’t stand to listen to some teachers, Steve had my attention and was easy to listen to. I’d love for you to bring him back for forum member questions!

  • great show, i too find lots of my swing problems are caused by poor shoulder moves in the downswing. i gotta try that ‘quick right shoulder drop’ on the downswing during my next range session

  • Excellent show, I have made a conscience effort to work more on the short game and time is always one of my biggest issues so this show will prove very handy for me. I loved the range tips too, working on the game instead of aimlessly just hitting balls is huge!


  • Excellent show! I definitely will go to my next range session with more purpose than just smacking balls! I also will try the 3 on the back swing and 4 on the down swing! That was an eye-opener for me! I am a Jason Gore body type so I will keep the swing info in mind.

  • great show. Golftec really knows their swing. I love the practice with a purpose. So many times ive been told that and only recently have i started doing this.

    “the Dog wags the tail”

  • Wow! Great stuff in here. I love hearing all the hard numbers about shoulder turn, etc. Being an Engineer, hard data definitely holds some weight with me.

    Also great part there about swinging at a 3 out of 10 going back, and 4 out of 10 going through. It’s so hard for me to remember to do this.

    Good point about drive for show, putt for dough applying more to tour players than the average Joe.
    Short game and putting being games within the game of golf – Well said!

  • Super informative show! The short game is the best way to improve scores and this episode really focused on that. Well done!

  • Steve had some very good tips and the things he was sayin to do, I notice that I am not doing!

  • What a great show JB! Thanks for having Steve on the show.
    His take on the shoulder turn/drop was super informative.
    That is something I am going to work on a lot!

  • Fantastic show so far. I’ve learned a ton already and am finding myself sitting here nodding my head, going “uh huh”.

    Thanks for having this show and this guest.

  • Lots of info… got some work to do! HAHA

  • Great show with great information, Steve really seems to know what he is talking about. I like the way he broke things down with weight shift and body type.

  • That is an impressive amount of knowledge and swing know-how in just one radio show. Also nice a timely to remind me what I have to work on.

  • Very informative listen. Great job.

  • Great show!

    The information was conveyed very well. Lots of useful tips and things to think about during my next range session.

    Can’t wait for Steve’s next guest appearance.

  • You definitely need to have this guy back on. He was full of great information. I especially loved the part where he was talking about trying to get your backswing effort down to a 3 and downswing to a 4. Love having the numbers like that to quantify what I should be aiming for. Another great episode!

  • Good lord that show was just jam packed with so much info!! There’s no way I caught it all. I’ll be relistening to this one a LOT. I can’t wait for Steve to come back. Great show!!

  • Great show and thanks for all the tips Steve.

  • Nice show, love the swing tips! I’ll be looking forward to more shows like this.

  • Another great show. Cant wait for the next one.

  • Another great show, as others have said the 3 back and 4 forward is a great swing thought.

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