THP Radio – True Temper Shafts – DG Spinner Shaft Creation

ITR is back this week with their weekly show and it is filled with information. THP welcomes a special guest from True Temper Shafts to discuss the creation of the new DG Spinner Shaft.

On this episode:
The Incredible Feat by True Temper at the Ryder Cup
Wedge Shafts & the Groove Rule Change
DG Spinner Shafts
What is Next for True Temper in Iron Shafts
and so much more.

As always you can listen to it streaming right here as well as download it from here. The show is also available at ITunes &

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  • man, what a show! it was long, but packed with some incredible information. i could listen to that guy talk for a while. he needs to come to an outing.

  • What an excellent show… So much information to digest, along with a great topic of discussion. Keep up the fantastic work THP!!! I’ll be listening again shortly!

  • Excellent show!! It is always nice for a person who does not have the advanced product knowledge as many who visit this site to be able to listen to someone who can explain in very simple terms what their product does and how it will help your game. Great job both JB and Greg for making this subject enjoyable and easier to understand.

  • Great show. Greg not only sounded extremely knowledgeable, but very direction oriented. These guy’s seem to be on a mission with these shafts and what better timing than now with the new groove rules. The very thought of trying these in my non-conforming CG15’s just about makes me kind of giddy, lol.

  • Very interesting show! Now I am no longer in the dark about the DG Spinner Shafts thanks to JB & Doug.
    I will definitely be looking at either purchasing these shafts or wedges that come stock with these shafts in the near future.

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  • […] The Shaft The Ping Anser Forged wedge comes equipped with a shaft that is quickly becoming a favorite of THP Forum members and that is the True Temper DG Spinner shaft. The shaft is designed to impart more spin on the ball than other wedge shafts and for many golfers does just that. To hear more about the True Temper DG Spinner shaft, check out this THP interview with the creator. […]

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