THP Radio – Women’s US Open & LPGA Talk w/Golf4Her

In this week’s episode of In The Rough w/JB & GolferGal JB got the day off and GolferGal had a special guest host, Christina from Golf4Her and they dedicated the show to women’s golf.

This episode features:
– 4 way playoff on the same hole at Manulife Financial LPGA Classic Tournament
– Brittany Lang breaks the Duke curse
– Juli Inkster returns after 6 month break from elbow surgery
– US Women’s Open picks
– What’s new with Golf4Her

Join us for this episode of In the Rough w/ JB & GolferGal and let us know your thoughts. You can listen by clicking play right below, or download our episodes by right clicking to play at a later date.

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  • This is an awesome interview! Sounds like two friends sitting down and talking about the game of Women’s golf. I like the predictions, and feel the same way about MW. Thompson is going to do it lol..

  • This was a great listen. Agree with both Morgan and Christina about the playoff holes from last weekend. I think I know more about Julie Inkster than I did before! I knew Michelle Wie’s name would come up as part of the US Open disappointment discussion, I would tend to agree. Sorry Morgan but I think Paula will play well in the Open, we shall see! Definitely liked the head covers that G4H showed us last night – sharp looking!

  • I always enjoy when you have Christina on the show. Thanks!

  • Thanks to Christina for joining this week’s show!

    Everyone I’ve talked to agrees about the annoying same hole playoff at the MancityLife Financial! At least two different hole, please! Nice to see Brittany break the Duke curse and win on the LPGA Tour.

    Juli Inkster is getting up there in age, but it seems like she is always there in Majors. Hope she can contend in her return in Arkansas and springboard her to a good U.S. Open the next week.

    U.S. Open picks. Yani is the safe pick, but I am going to be rooting for Suzann! It will be nice to see Lexi contend.My darkhorse is Ryann O’Toole. I agree with Christina on the disappointment pick, Michelle Wie. Anything less than top 10 is a fail for her, even though she is struggling anyway. But with her potential, she needs to be contending.

    Nice hearing what’s going on at Golf4Her. Nice hear there is going to be a new contest! Speaking of which, Jacqui is going to be getting her prize package from the Mother’s Day contest tomorrow! (We have been having an email snafu between us and Christina and we finally got together!)

  • Hey everyone,

    It’s always an honor to be invited on the show to chat with GG about women’s golf. Glad you enjoyed it. Thinks it’s important for us to talk about women’s golf more. It’s clearly over shadowed by the PGA, so I’m on a mission to shed light on the LPGA as well as the Symetra Tour. There are some big things happening out there – can’t wait for the next THP Radio show!


  • Great show! Really did just sound like an enthusiastic chat between 2 great friends…with some good opinions thrown out there!

    I don’t get to see a lot of LPGA over here, so it’s good to hear this show and catch up a little.

    Got to agree about the playoff too. There was a similar one on the men’s Euro tour just last week, up the 18th 4 times just makes it a turnoff.

  • I would like me some swag in the bag! Great show with tons of info on the LPGA, fashion, etc.

  • Glad to see the LPGA ladies get some love here. I’ve been trying to follow it more and more since the THP outing in May and I am liking how I can relate to them and their games more than the guys. Keep up the good work. I will be watching close to see who had the most accurate picks!

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