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Each year the fine folks at Sligo Golf bring out new styles that are bold, fresh, and trendy and most of our readers really enjoy what they are seeing. They are also kind enough to bring them to THP in exclusive contests that you will not find anywhere else. The last two years, we have done a contest that is absolutely a blast and it is called Name that Outfit Contest.

Here are the last two winners and what they came up with.

Your job is to create your outfit from their Spring 2011 line of apparel and accessories and then add a name to it. You can head over to their website at [url][/url] and take a look at all the creative and bold styles that they have available. You will select everything you need for your incredible outfit and include things such as

& Anything Else you want to add.

Name Your Outfit & Tell a Story About Where It Came From!

Read Rules & Enter The Contest By Clicking Here

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  1. wcueb923 says:

    I will be letting the creative juices flow before submitting for this one. The competition will be on like Donkey Kong………lol

  2. TC says:

    Dear Sligo-

    You guys rock! I love this contest, it’s one of the more entertaining ones to participate in. I love browsing your catalog and coming up with some dream outfits. I’d love to be a repeat champion when it comes to this contest so I will be bringing it!!!!



  3. Griff says:

    I don’t look near good enough to game these threads.

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