THP Sneak Preview – Never Compromise Connoisseur Putters

With the success of the Gambler and the Dinero, rumors have been flying about a 3rd line from Never Compromise to complete the 2011 collection. Well today, THP got word that this new line is out on tour and here is a sneak peek at what is coming soon.

It appears to be called the Connoisseur and feature a cigar band type of feature to the sole. The 3rd installment should match up rather nicely with the gambling look of the Gambler and the money look of the Dinero. Click the picture below to see all 4 models of this exciting last installment and stay tuned to THP for more news on this line in the coming weeks.

Forum members are discussing this new line right here. Check out their thoughts.

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Josh B.

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  • OMG I love the way they shine……Will you be reviewing?

  • Love the cigar band idea. They just keep putting out products that appeal to me!

  • Great get JB. I love the look of the NC line and these seem to keep the ball rolling. Cant wait to play with the customizations online.

  • Nice, they look awesome, would be amazing to get a couple of these in the hands of THP’ers for testing.

  • Man I want that Perfecto.

  • Wow, these guys at NC are out of control, lol. How cool would it be to spend all day dreaming about beautiful putters, oh yeah that what I do already, haha. Can’t wait for the full scoop.

  • Sweet! The attention to detail is awesome. I cannot wait to see even more detailed pics. Thanks for this!

  • Culebra, por favor.

  • a 310gm 8802-style putter? what were they thinking???

  • I’m a sucker for a good looking putter and those are pretty sharp.

  • Those look awesome, really like what NC is coming out with.

  • I would love to try a Perfecto and maybe a Culebra.They look awesome!

  • WOW – These are some crazy HOT putters! Drool

  • I like the theme of these better than the Gambler and the Dinero. That Culebra is a fancy little stick.

  • Pretty cool looking putters. If I were to play one it would be the Robusto.

  • I don’t want to make my Gambler jealous but that Perfecto would definitely look Perfecto in my bag!

  • Those look great. NC is definitely becoming a powerhouse in the higher end putter market.

  • Very nice looking sticks. Love the Robusto.

  • Wow, those look awesome. NC isn’t playing around!

  • Yes please! Love the Culebra the most

  • Robusto with gusto….that blade looks like it wants to knock the ball in the hole. Oh my…that’s noice! NC is really classing up the putting arena.

  • I am a blade guy, and I love the look of the Robusto, but then I saw it…RH only!!! Arrgghh!! They are so nice. I have to learn to putt righty!

  • NC brings it again! Great looking flat-sticks!

  • Nice, wish they would once offer a half mallet for us lefties though

  • wow!!!! NC just knows how to make a sexy putter

  • Those are some really sexy looking putters.

  • It would be tough to take the place of my Bettinardi, but these flat sticks at least have the looks to do it, anxious to see if they have the feel

  • I like the looks. I hope that they perform as well as they look.

  • The Culebra is just mean looking.

  • The Culebra is super sexy. Nice look for sure.

  • Oh, those are nice! Really like the look of the Portofino.

  • These putters look great. But for someone to preach “never compromise”, and fail to make Left Handed Putters in the coolest models makes me somewhat furious..

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