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THP Teams Up with GolfNow

About a month ago THP decided that we wanted to have a tee time service included on THP, to add an additional service for our readers without them having to leave the site. We had a couple of choices to look at for this and earlier in the week asked the question on the forum about online bookings. Since the majority seemed to like GolfNow, we have added their booking engine right to THP.

You are now able to click on tee times from the “Book Tee Times” bar above. Check it out and start booking tee times.

We have always been about full disclosure with everybody and feel as though that should not change. Every time you book your tee time through the GolfNow engine on THP, it does help us out. We want to thank everybody in advance to for helping out through this service. The more you use it, the more new and exciting things will be coming to THP in the future.

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  • This is big news! I look forward to GolfNow expanding their coverage thorough out the rest of Canada!
    Congrats to both on the new partnership!

  • I have not used GolfNow before, but I just checked it out. Many of my local courses are listed here. The format couldn’t be much easier to navigate and use. I’ll be taking advantage of this for sure this year.

  • I think this was a great idea and I appreciate the efforts of GolfNow and THP to make this happen for us. This is an excellent service that offer’s tons of convienance for alot of people.

  • I love this, I use GolfNow exclusively to make my tee times, and the fact that I can do that while browsing THP makes it even better. Great job by all involved!

  • I have enjoyed using GolfNow before and now that it is teamed up with THP it makes my making golf reservations just that much easier. A wonderful partnership.

  • Great painless way to support THP.

  • Looking forward to more courses being added beyond to what’s already there! This will be a great tool to use going forward

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