THP Testing – Bridgestone e6 Yellow & Orange Golf Balls

THP has paired up with Bridgestone Golf for a pre-sale testing review of their brand new e6 Yellow and Orange golf balls. The company that looks to consumers for feedback more than any other in creating golf balls asked the THP Members to try out the new line and report back with their thoughts on the golf balls. Bridgestone provided THP with a few dozen golf balls from their new lineup coming this fall.

General Info
In late October THP sent out the new e6 Yellow golf balls to over a dozen THP members and their job was to report back their findings on what they liked and disliked (if anything) about the golf ball. We have also sent out the new e6 Orange Golf balls this week and feedback should be coming in as early as next week.

King of Fitting – The Criteria
Being that this is being done by the KING of Ball Fitting, we wanted to make sure that we found the right ball for the people doing the testing. The testers are all people who struggle off the tee a little bit and want to try to keep it straighter.

It’s been a couple of weeks now since we sent out the e6 Yellow golf balls and the testers are sharing all their feedback on the THP forums. Read what they have to say here.

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