THP The Magazine is HERE!

After months of waiting, the deadline has officially arrived and THP the Magazine is right on time. What has been a true labor of love for the last 12 months is finally here and we are proud and honored to share it with the world. Pre-orders for this collectible 1st issue ship today and be arriving shortly in your mailbox.
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THP has put an entire section of the forum dedicated to the magazine and we want to hear from all the readers.
What did you like?
What would you like changed?
What would you like to see covered in future issues?

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The forum is setup so that you can be a part of this publication and have a voice in what we cover. If you have not ordered your copy yet, you can do so here. There are not too many issues left, and we expect those to go quickly.

If you miss out on this issue, do not worry, our regular full issues begin in early 2010 and we will have individual copies and subscriptions for sale right here. They will also be available at over 240 newsstands and 4 of the largest book store chains around.


We look forward to hearing all of your feedback and thank you all for making this a special moment for all of us at THP.

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